What Are The Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds?


Growing a garden often requires a lot of patience, coupled with loads of tender care for the plant. However, all these would not matter if you do not have the right seeds to work with. This is especially important for a plant like Cannabis, where you need to have the best seeds to produce high-quality strains of marijuana.

If you’re planning to cultivate a marijuana garden, this article is your best guide to the factors you should look out for when choosing marijuana seeds. Also, we’ll be guiding you through the different types of marijuana seeds. Stay glued to the end to get the best information about marijuana seeds.

Factors To Look Out For When Picking Marijuana Seeds

1. Know How to Spot A Healthy Seed!

The sex of the seed bought doesn’t matter if it won’t grow. Some physical characteristics help to identify a healthy seed. Healthy seeds are usually black or dark brown. Some might have a combination of both colors. However, do not buy green seeds. These are typically immature and cannot produce plants.

2. Know These Storage Precautions

This applies more to those who like to keep their seeds for a while before growing them. If adhered to, you can store marijuana seeds for years before planting them. Examples include not storing the seeds in a moist place, as this could cause plant growth. Also, the seed should be stored in a dark place as sunlight could stimulate growth. Storing them in extremes of heat or cold could also totally destroy the seed’s ability to grow.

Apart from all these tips, you also need a quality source to buy these seeds from. Herbies is a good example of a place you can get any type of marijuana seed.


The Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

There are three different types of marijuana seeds available for planting: regular, feminized, and auto-flower seeds. Below is a detailed description of each type of seed and its characteristics:

1. Regular Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds that have not been chemically changed are known as regular marijuana seeds. Regular cannabis seeds can produce both male and female plants. If you purchase ten regular cannabis seeds, for example, you have no way of knowing whether the plants will be male or female; most likely, the number of male and female seeds will be equal. Female plants are more likely to grow when they are grown under ideal conditions.

Regular seeds are created by mating a male and a female plant, and they can be male or female. The male-to-female ratio of normal seeds is hidden until flower blooming begins, and the plants reveal their sex. Regular seeds allow farmers to experience the full expression of a strain’s genetic history, while female plants yield the desired bloom.

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2. Feminized Marijuana Seeds

When a female plant bears male flowers, it creates feminized seeds. This is achieved by incorporating light at specific periods during the dark hours of blooming or by spraying Colloidal Silver on the flower sites of a female plant to create a chemical shift in the plant that develops pollen-bearing male flowers.

Normally, pollen from male plants is used to pollinate female flowers. However, since all the pollen in feminized plants is gotten from technically female plants, all of the offspring produced would be female.

Feminized cannabis seeds have been genetically modified to produce female plants in at least 97% of cases. Because only female cannabis plants produce flowers, this is a significant benefit. Male cannabis plants don’t produce flowers, have minimal THC, and can even impact female plants’ THC production. Female cannabis plants generate far more active ingredients, including THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN than male cannabis plants.

3. Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

If you’re a newbie to growing marijuana plants, then auto-flower seeds are the best choice to go for. This is because the plants start blooming (producing flowers) at specific periods as opposed to the normal blooming, which follows the daily periods of light exposure.

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are produced by crossing Indica or Sativa plants with ruderalis plants. Cannabis Ruderalis is the third variety of cannabis, with Indica and Sativa being the other two. Cannabis Ruderalis grows closer to the North and South Poles and has a much shorter lifetime than strains that grow closer to the Equator.

This marijuana plant grows in locations where the summers are short. As a result, the ruderalis plant blooms spontaneously in a short amount of time (within 2 or 3 weeks, on average.) Locations close to the North and South Pole, e.g., Northern Europe, Russia, and neighboring nations such as China and Mongolia, are home to the ruderalis cannabis plant. This plant has less THC than Indica and Sativa varieties, which is why they were crossed. When you cross a ruderalis plant with an Indica or Sativa plant, you get a fast-flowering variety with a lot of THC and excellent flower buds.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are bred to flower regardless of the light cycle. Autoflowers have shorter flowering times in general, so you can harvest multiple times in one season.

Because of the absence of sunshine for lengthy periods at both the North and South Poles, Cannabis Ruderalis strains have developed to the extent where they will complete their life cycle regardless of the amount of available sunlight.


Wrapping up

Although feminized and auto-flowering flowering seeds seem to be the new wave, regular seeds are also widely sought after. Your eventual choice of seeds will depend on what you aim to achieve with your cannabis. Breeders tend to favor regular seeds while feminized and auto-flowering seeds are popular among commercial weed producers. Knowing the type of seed to grow will increase your chances of growing quality marijuana strains successfully. This article has done justice to the different types of seeds you can use in growing marijuana and the tips to look out for when choosing seeds.

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