Discovering The Many Uses For Bar Stools In 2022

bar stools

Have you set your sights on some beautiful bar stools, only to let the opportunity pass you by simply because you were unable to think of a use for them? Barstools are actually being used in very interesting ways, particularly since the pandemic has changed the way live and interact with those we love and care about. Bar stools have also gotten more comfortable with ergonomic designs that are still sturdy and lightweight.

Social distancing trends

Different families and households have different levels of concern for the pandemic, but the bottom line is that everyone is safer when you distance yourself. Bar stools are some great lounge furniture that makes your guests feel comfortable and relaxed while enforcing distancing by placing the bar stools 6 feet apart.

Another great idea is to get multiple bar height table and chair sets that you can use to distance couples or other guests. This gives you a great way to have a family or friend game night. Instead of playing the common board games and card games that would require cross-contamination between players, consider playing old favorites that require no contact like charades or name that song.

Barstools in the living room

If you need extra seating on occasion, bar stools could be the perfect answer. Depending on what type of stools you get, you may be able to stack them in a closet, cellar, or basement until they are needed. Barstools 2022, like other trending furnishings, are versatile in both function and aesthetic. You can also keep barstools just under the counter in your kitchen or pass-through window to the dining room. These can be pulled out and added to whatever room or seating area is necessary.

Barstools make great presentation podiums

If you entertain business guests, customers, and colleagues in your own home, barstools can be a versatile way to transform your dining room into a conference room. The same barstool tucked away in your closet can also work well as a speaker when giving a presentation, especially if you are prepared with a slideshow and laser pointer.

Barstools in the kitchen

If you love to cook and bake but find yourself doing so less and less often, think carefully about why you are tapering off. If the work is just becoming too physically difficult, it might be time to rethink how you do things in the kitchen. Luckily, there is a ton of furniture and décor that can be used to adapt your kitchen to your needs.

Adding a barstool to the kitchen is the ideal place to start when making your kitchen more friendly for mobility-challenged people. It gives you a place to sit and catch your breath, wait between oven batches, or even mix or stir items that must be hand-stirred for a particular amount of time.

Barstools in the bathroom

bar stools

Sometimes you just need a place to sit in the bathroom, and you don’t want to have to sit on the toilet while still dressed. When this happens, having a seat in the bathroom can be extremely beneficial. A bar stool is a logical solution if you ignore the fact that the bathroom is far from the traditional place to put a barstool. It really is the perfect solution – you can sit anywhere in the room easily and until you are ready to safely move, and it can be tucked under the bathroom counter or in an unused corner when not in use.

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