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Movie Review: Disney’s ‘Moana’ Is A Wonderful Journey Worth Taking

MOANA is an inspiring adventure of courage and perseverance that takes place in a Polynesian paradise.

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Moana, which hits theatres November 23rd (just in time for American Thanksgiving) is the latest animated feature from the classic Walt Disney Animation Studios, which has been putting out about one film a year (most recently Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Frozen). It’s a movie that has it all, a journey to remember for the eyes (beautiful animation) and ears (strong musical numbers).

Moana is a master example of what Disney (at its best) can do so well, craft and deliver a engaging story of triumph and pure belief in oneself…only if we are just brave enough to chase our true calling in life.

In this inspiring and hilarious adventure, the titular character, Moana (voiced by Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho), is the daughter of a Pacific Islands Chieftain. Moana, as a Polynesian princess, is a fantastic example of female empowerment as she chooses her own path with courage, strength and determination. The story is about Moana’s amazing journey beyond the forbidden reef on an epic adventure to save her people with her rooster Heihei. A tried and true formula that works, sidekick Heihei provides healthy doses of humor throughout the film.

The film also stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson voicing the Polynesian Demigod Maui. Johnson is excellent as demigod Maui. At first glance he is a very egotistical Demigod, in fact Dwayne himself sings one of the best songs in the movie, “You’re Welcome”. However in an unlikely partnership between Moana and Maui, he redeems himself as he and Moana must work together in order to do the impossible.

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Here’s The Rundown:

Adventure: The movie is about a Polynesian Princess empowered by her strong beliefs to save her people. Lava monsters and a giant crab challenge Moana and Maui on this voyage of self-discovery, yep, there’s a whole of adventure going on.

Comedy: Hei-Hei, the chicken with challenges, provides great comic relief. As well, Maui’s inflated ego is a constant source of laughter.

Animation: What more can you say about Disney animation? The animation is truly spectacular in Moana. The island and ocean scenes are stunning. Makes us want to book our flights today.

Music: The music in Moana is captivating and unforgettable. “How Far I’ll Go” is very empowering and sung by Canadian singer Alessia Cara. The original music is a collaboration between Lin-Manuel Miranda (Creator of Hamilton), Mark Mancina, and Samoan musician Opetaia Foa’i.

Moana is an inspiring and beautifully crafted film that moviegoers of all ages will love.

Check out the trailer for Walt Disney’s Moana:


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