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Disneynature Bears: Smarter Than Your Average Bear (Movie)

Raising newborns is hard, but for Sky it’s almost impossible. Welcome to Disneynature Bears, the movie.

Disneynature Bears
From Disneynature comes a journey of survival through the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Narrated by John C. Reilly (Anchorman 2), Bears is a documentary that follows brown bear Sky and her two newborns cubs, Amber and Scout, through their first year as a family. While teaching her cubs important life lessons, Sky must balance her priorities of protecting her cubs from dangers in the wild and finding them food in order to survive the next winter. From the same people who created African Cats, Bears shows viewers an up-close feature of the harsh reality that brown bears face in Alaska.

Fun Fact: Proceeds from the first week of the film’s release will be donated to the National Parks Foundations to help protect America’s National Parks.

Disneynature Bears

Here’s the run down on Bears:

Action: From avoiding avalanches to brawling with the king bear, Sky has to face a slew of dangers to keep her safe.

Comedy: John C. Reilly not only narrates, but he also helps break up the tension with funny running commentary, often putting the bears’ thoughts into words. This may seem silly, but it does the trick.

Awww moments: Even though grown bears can seem ferocious, babies Scout and Amber are the epitome of cuteness. From climbing on their mother’s back to rolling in the sand, you’ll fall in love with both cubs.

Bears is out on DVD.

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