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Movie Review: Disneynature EARTH

Disneynature Earth

The phrase “survival of the fittest” takes on a whole new meaning as Disneynature presents its most recent film Earth, in theatres April 22. Crazy mountain views, out-of-this-world landscapes and insanely exotic wildlife remind us that we are not alone on this small planet we call Earth.

In true Disney style, Earth captures the hearts of nature lovers big and small as it follows the lives of three families forced to survive the challenges of this world. No matter what side of the globe these families inhabit, life and death dance a fine line that can be easily overstepped.

The film begins in the frigid plains of the Arctic where a family of endangered polar bears struggles to find food in a quickly changing climate; but there is always time for a laugh as adorable polar bear cubs learn to walk on slippery slopes of snow. Whether it’s the elephant herds of Africa migrating to precious water or the great humpback whale and its young calf in search of feeding grounds, it’s easy to be drawn into each family’s daily hardships; I found myself cheering them on in their goal to survive.

The incredible cinematography, enriched by narration by James Earl Jones, may make you stop and look around to remind yourself that you are still in the theatre. The scenes of exotic birds dancing for a mate, gigantic sharks feeding and majestic caribou migrating will leave you in awe of this world we share.

Earth is not solely for those who call themselves nature lovers. Earth will move all people who have a love for life. It will inspire each person to consider his or her part—humankind’s part—to preserve this precious world we inhabit.

Disneynature Earth Poster

Review by Jeff Stubbs, Dana Krook

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