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“Distant Worlds”: Experiencing The Music Of “Final Fantasy”

"Distant Worlds": Experiencing The Music Of "Final Fantasy"

Distant Worlds truly brought to life the essence of the Final Fantasy video game series in a powerful and captivating performance that moved the audience and left us gripping the edge of our seats.

Final Fantasy is a world of fantastical creatures, emotional storylines, empowering characters and whimsical music from the creative minds of Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu. Fans adored the way the music from the games was interpreted by conductor Arnie Roth and his talented orchestra, who played a medley of favourite songs that brought the audience to tears and made them laugh with joy all in the same touching moment.

The beautiful display of graphics and videos from the games enhanced the music, enthralling the fans and reminding them of why they fell in love with Final Fantasy in the first place. The conductor’s interaction with the audience made the entire event more than just a tribute to and celebration of the Final Fantasy series; it was a chance for the fans to be a part of the world they love so much.

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Distant Worlds celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and marked this milestone by including Nobuo Uematsu on piano in the song “Dark World,” a first for the composer and a surprising treat for all the excited fans.

Whether you were a fan of Final Fantasy or a newcomer with an appreciation for good music, the Distant Worlds concert was an emotional show that made the audience nostalgic and brought together people who love the empowering feeling of the enchanting music.

It was a night to remember, one that left a lasting impression. This is a must-see concert that we will definitely attend the next time it comes to town. So, if you ever get the chance to experience this awesome event, take it. We’ll see you there!


Reviewed by Sabrina Berry and Amanda Michkowski

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