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How To DIY Your Gifts This Season

Need to make a gift on a tight budget?
We’ve got you covered with our top three DIY gift projects.

Gifts DIY wrapping xmas

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are already on the hunt for perfect holiday gifts. However, if you are on a tight student budget, it can be hard to find gifts for your best friends at a reasonable price point. Luckily, in commemoration of Make a Gift Day, Faze is here to help you make your own gifts with our top 3 DIY gift guide. Let’s be honest, nothing says how much of a thoughtful person you are like a gift made with love (and a hot glue gun).

1. Necklace Hanger DIY

Perfect for the friend that owns way too much jewellery, this necklace hanger will not only show her how thoughtful you are but will also look amazing in her room:

2. Easy Holiday Sweater DIY

This DIY is perfect for the fashion forward. It’s a unique way to spruce up a plain sweater and it will also keep you warm and looking cute during the colder weather. Totally a win/win situation!

3. Cell Phone Case DIY

This DIY is perfect for the friend that lives glued to her cell phone (like most of us do). ). If you need any materials for this, go to your local art shop or go to In this DIY video, Ann shows you a bunch of variations, so feel free to get creative!


Word to the wise, stay clear of presents like these:

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