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DIY Halloween Party Ideas

There’s just so much to love about Halloween. Even if your trick-or-treating years are long behind you, it’s still the perfect time of year to go all out and treat yourself to a night of costumes, candy and celebrations.

Get inspired by these hauntingly adorable Halloween party DIYs and host the soiree of the season for you and your friends!

1. Ghostly Strawberries

Who says Halloween can’t be healthy? These cleverly disguised strawberries look so delicious, they’re sure to vanish without a trace minutes after you put them down! They’re super easy to make too. Get the instructions here.


2. Jack-O-Lantern Clemintines

Speaking of fruit in disguise… these jack-o-lantern clementines are the perfect party favor and quite possibly the easiest things ever to prepare. Just grab a sharpie and draw on a few fun faces! See more details here.


3. Witchy Loot Bags

Ask any kid past, present or future and they’ll tell you: the best parties are the ones withloot bags. These cute witch broom treat bags are easy and inexpensive to make and your guests can take them home as a fun reminder of the evening. All you need are brown paper bags, a few branches or twigs and ribbon. Get the step-by-step instructions here.


4. Costume Contest Trophies

Costume contest! The best part of Halloween is dressing up. Encourage your guests to go all out with their costumes and award the best-dressed with these amazing DIY skeleton trophies! You can crown a winner for the best couple’s costume, creative costume, funniest costume and more! Check out the full instructions here.


5. Pumpkin Luminaries

These pretty pumpkin luminaries have a certain air of elegance, with lights beaming in all directions. There’s no careful carving involved here- you just scoop out the inside of the pumpkin and poke holes all around the surface. A string of lights shine bright inside the pumpkin. See the DIY instructions here.


6. Monster Cutlery Caddies

Give your guests a fright each time they reach for a fork with these DIY monster cutlery caddies! They’re made using recycled tissue boxes and egg cartons, and can easily be reused for birthday parties year round. Find out how to make them here!


7. Spooky And Delicious Oreos

You can never go wrong with Oreos! Dress up everyone’s favorite cookie in all kinds of costumes using colored candy melts. Just dip, decorate and devour! See the steps here.


All of these Halloween party DIY’s are easy, inexpensive and incredibly adorable. Perfect for last-minute party planning and busy schedules!

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