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The Key To Happiness: Do What You Love

Recently, it’s become common to say that you shouldn’t do what you love. Instead, you should pursue a career in some dry industry and be grateful for it. Otherwise, you’ll never make a success of your life. 

But what is success? Is it making money? Or is it living life in a manner of your choosing? 

That’s the question that many young people are asking themselves as they go into the workforce. Do they want huge sums of money? Or do they want to do something truly fulfilling every day

If you ask most people, it’s the latter. What’s the point of living for the weekend? That approach to careers makes life very short indeed. 

So how do you do what you love? Here’s some advice for people planning on taking control of their own lives. 

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Focus On Your Natural Strengths

Going your own way is always a challenge. Sometimes, you can completely misjudge yourself. It’s critical, therefore, that you have a realistic view of what you can achieve. 

Think about it this way. Imagine you’re sixty years old and have never done any physical activity in your life. Is it realistic that you’ll be able to make money by becoming a ballerina? Unlikely. 

Be honest with yourself about what you’re good at. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can do. Just know it yourself and then go for it. 

Be Open To Change

Doing what you love also means being open to change. You may have to start from a low position and work your way up to where you want to be. It won’t happen overnight. 

You may even have to move to another country, in which case, you may need to complete an indefinite leave to remain application so you can continue pursuing your career long-term. Get acclimatized to the culture and try to embrace it so that you can enjoy your work. Remember, you always have the option of returning home. 

Give Yourself Credit

In life, the vast majority of people settle. Only a small fraction of people pursue the thing that they really want every day. It can be a tough life. But don’t let that get you down. Give yourself credit. You’re living more fully than most people. And you’re taking a risk to get the most from your limited time here on planet Earth. That deserves a little credit, don’t you think?

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Create Positive Habits

When it comes to success, our bodies and mind often become impediments, not tools. We adopt the wrong lifestyle practices and poor mental habits and wind up hurting ourselves. 

Developing positive habits is the opposite. It’s about using your body and mind to their maximum potential and making sure that they don’t get in your way as you build your future. 

Remember, research shows that it’s a work-life balance that creates career success. It doesn’t matter how driven you are to succeed, if you’re not finding time for the things that really count in your life, you’ll burn out. 

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