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Does Your Body Confidence Need A Boost?

Do you experience negative thoughts when you look in the mirror or do you feel inadequate or unattractive when you scroll through social media or meet new people? If your body confidence is low, you’re not alone. Being positive about our body image is something many of us struggle with. The good news is that there are ways to boost body confidence. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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Pay more attention to the positives

Most of us could rattle off a list of things we don’t like about our bodies, but what about the features or body parts you do like? We tend to focus on our flaws and imperfections rather than zoning in on the parts of our bodies that we love. Pay more attention to the positives and play to your strengths. Highlight, celebrate and showcase your best features and assets. Be thankful for the incredible things your body allows you to do.

Use social media as a force for good

Social media often crops up in debates and discussions about body image. Usually, we talk about the link between social media use and low body confidence. Using social media can have a negative impact on how we feel about our bodies, but it can also be a force for good. Adjust your settings and change your searches and the accounts you follow. Jump on body positivity bandwagons, unfollow accounts that have a negative effect on you and follow people or brands that inspire and uplift you.

Address issues that are holding you back

We all have insecurities, but we don’t have to live with issues that are holding us back. In most cases, there are solutions. Examples range from changing your lifestyle and embracing self-care to having surgery. If you’re self-conscious about your tummy and you want to feel more confident on vacation, for example, explore ways to increase your confidence. Exercise frequently, follow a healthy, balanced diet and investigate non-invasive treatments like Emsculpt NEO. If you long to be more athletic, seek advice from a dietitian and work with a personal trainer or follow workouts online to help you tone up and build muscle. If you’d love to be more shapely, explore exercises and activities you can do to increase muscle mass and think about what you wear. There are ways to create the illusion of curves even if you’re very slim.

Pour your energy into positive relationships

Positive relationships can have an incredible impact on how you feel about your body and the way you look. Pour your energy into the relationships you have with people who lift you and supercharge your confidence. Avoid those who bring you down or make you feel worthless or unattractive. Negative comments can cause long-term damage. It’s also hugely beneficial to treat yourself as you do your closest friends and family members. Be kind to yourself, don’t put yourself down and realize that you are much more than your body. Being beautiful or attractive isn’t always about fitting in with stereotypes or societal trends.

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Many of us lack body confidence. If your body image needs a boost, take these tips on board. Focus on the positives, address issues that affect you and use social media as a force for good. Pour your energy into strong, nourishing relationships and be kind to yourself.

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