Small Dog Big Bark? Why Bark Collars Are Worth A Try

 Small Dog Big Bark Bark Collar

Dogs bark for plenty of reasons. They may bark because of a response to stimuli or because they want to guard their territory. But if your small dog has been barking excessively, without any obvious reason, then it is safe to say that you are looking for the best ways to cut down on the noise.

Well, a bark collar may just be what the doctor ordered!

Designed specifically to help dogs avoid negative barking behavior, bark collars help dogs realize when they should bark and when it is not necessary to. Usually, these collars work in a variety of ways. 

First, let’s examine dog collars that vibrate. Your small dog will detect vibration in its vocal cords while it barks and due to this, the dog will stop barking unnecessarily.

However, if you feel like the vibrations may rub your dog the wrong way, you can still settle on Citronella bark collars as they work by releasing citronella fragrance into the air.

Dogs can also use ultrasonic bark collars which send out unpleasant, high-pitched sounds whenever your dog’s barking is beyond control. 

It is important to note that when it comes to bark collars, one size does not fit all. As you know your dog best, you already know what they are most likely to respond to where bark collars are concerned. 

And while different dogs require different bark collars, they all have one thing in common; the ability to get your dog in line.

Want to know more? Here are a few reasons why bark collars are worth a try:

Manages nuisance barking

This is the main reason to use a bark collar on your small dog. Nuisance barking is typically non-stop or out of control barking that cannot be otherwise stopped. 

Usually, nuisance barkers do so for territorial reasons as they have learned that barking is the best way to seek attention and protect their territory. A bark collar will help in correcting this situation without harming your dog.

Teaches your dog self-control

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Now, this only goes to show that the benefits of a bark collar are far-reaching. When using this device, you do not only want your dog to stop barking but also have some much-needed self-control. 

As your dog is learning by itself and correcting its barking behavior, it is learning self-control. Therefore, your dog will be more trainable and ultimately, respond positively to other training commands. Thus, using a bark collar is a great way of building up your dog’s self-confidence.

Curbs aggression

When you adopt a dog into your home, you may not necessarily know where it came from or how its previous owners treated it. For this reason, the dog may always appear aggressive and agitated. 

In addition, if it is still trying to get used to you as its owner, it may equally be aggressive. A bark collar will do a great job of handling your dog’s aggression. This prevents ejaculation and attacks.

Bark collars are highly affordable

While hiring a professional dog trainer will cost you a ton of change, adopting a bark collar will allow you to train your dog effectively and at an affordable price.

 As these collars range from $30 to $300, it is up to you to pick the collar and price range that you are most comfortable with. Usually, the pricing determines the features that you will get on your collar. Higher-end collars usually come with a plethora of features.

The Bottom Line

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Bark collars come with tremendous benefits. Apart from helping you train your small dog in the right way, the collar will help your dog focus on their surroundings, rather than their barking. The result? Both you and your dog will be happy campers. 

All you need to do is be consistent in showing your dog that you mean business and over a period of time, the excessive barking will stop. Needless to say, a bark collar is affordable and efficient. It can make a big difference in your dog’s behavior.

Even so, bark collars are not for everyone. They are ideal if you are a dog owner who is well-informed and understands the benefits that it will bring to your dog. This way, you will use the collar without any reservations. You can still seek professional services if you feel that your dog will be better served by a qualified dog trainer.

Are you looking for the best bark collar for your small dog? You will certainly find the best one here!

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