Don’t Hold Back From Your Dream Career

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Reaching the top of a profession can be daunting. It’s tense for most people, but women have to deal with other issues that get in the way. Did you know female entrepreneurs only apply for a new job if they meet 100% of the specifications, compared to 60% for men? This statistic, quoted in the Harvard Business Review, is a feature that might put you off striving for glory. After all, rejection is hard to swallow. However, the things often holding you back from your dream career aren’t as set in stone as you might assume.

Smashing Glass Ceilings

Entering a male-dominated domain is often very competitive. Thankfully, there are fewer and fewer of them within the business world. The casino industry is a perfect example for several reasons. Firstly, studies indicate the engagement level between men and women is narrower, with 84% of college women reported to gamble compared to 91% of college men.

With gambling engagement among women increasing, and more women having an interest in wagering, it means they are better represented in management roles within the industry, according to Sage Publications. The boost in career opportunities is also greater due to the increase in non-traditional establishments that provide further options for women looking to break through the glass ceiling.

Fruit Kings online casino is an excellent example as it was established in 2019, yet the company employs game providers, developers, and account managers to ensure its range of 721 games, from Gonzo’s Quest to Reel King, appeals to a broad group of people. However, it isn’t the only shining light, as women now make up the majority of the workers in industries where they were once the minority. For instance, USA Today points out that female writers and authors account for 56.6% of the workforce, as opposed to 46.4% in 2000.

As trailblazers break into different markets, it only bodes well for the women who seek to follow their example later on in life.

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Breaking the Rules

If the HBR stat is a surprise, it shouldn’t be a negative one. Yes, you can lament the fact that men have been stealing ahead because they are happy to break the rules, or you can learn from their example and start breaking the rules yourself.

The Guardian highlights how scientists believe it is the socialization factor that has the biggest impact. By talking to neuroscientists who explain that while there are differences between the genders, the post confirms traits are malleable and changeable. For instance, this study published on Pub Med shows that although women feel guiltier than men over rule violations, there are plenty of women who aren’t out to please anyone as their threshold for some behaviors is very high.

As evidenced by research on Research Gate, this makes them more likely to earn more money in the long-term. The data shows that career-driven, female entrepreneurs who are willing to rip up the handbook and see the on-paper guidelines for what they are successful innovators who follow their own path. Arianna Huffington is a perfect case study because, as she outlined when speaking to Forbes, she had the guts to stand up and do it her way, regardless of the criticism.


Thankfully, the landscape is much brighter for women than ever before, with lots of changes for the better. Still, you can’t rely on good fortune to level-up. By putting faith in the application process and following the women who have gone before, you can go after any job you desire – which is why you should never hold back when it comes to your career.

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