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Dress Up Your Pet: Adorable Pictures Of Pets In Accessories

Today is national Dress Up Your Pet Day but let’s be honest, we treat our pets like the children we never had right? Dressing them up in dorky glasses, adorable booties (like these at Petside) to keep their feet warm or a snuggie is just what we do.

The Faze team is full of animal lovers and we’d love to share you pics of greatest companions getting fancy!

Michelle’s cats, Leo and Nacho, are dressed up as superheroes – Batcat and Robin.


Brie’s dog Brody is clearly a male model; soaking up the sun with a glass of wine.


Feeling festive for the holidays.


And don’t forget his birthday!


Jessica’s cat, Duke, is G-Thugging.


Jessica’s other cat, Mika, does not love the headband. But she’s so cute anyways! #GrumpyCat.


Duke and Mika’s brother Toby just wants to go outside and play but it’s snowing outside and his adorable rain jacket doesn’t change a thing.


And finally, Coco, Faze’s office parrot is too busy unwrapping lollipops to worry about getting herself accessorized.

Coco and Chupa Chups Lollipops

We’d love to see pictures of your pets all dressed up! Share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @fazemagazine.

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