Three DVD Copying Software Options For Beginners

DVD Copying Software

To back up valuable data such as collected DVD movies or homemade DVDs onto a PC or blank DVD discs, you need to use DVD copying software. Usually, DVDs come with copy protection, so in such cases, you must use powerful and dedicated DVD copying software.

When searching online, you’ll find several DVD copying tools, but here, we’ve compiled three DVD copying software options that are easy to use even for beginners.


Known as the best DVD copying software with 14 years of development experience, DVDFab DVD Copy can copy DVDs, rip them to ISO files/folders, or burn them onto blank discs. This software has strong capabilities for removing copy protection and is constantly updated to support new copy protection technologies. It features six different copy modes, allowing you to copy the entire DVD content or specific parts, create 1:1 ratio DVD clones without quality loss, split files, and merge multiple titles, including menus.

This is a paid software that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems, but it offers a free 30-day trial version. Once the trial period expires, you can still use the features of the free software DVDFab HD Decrypter. DVDFab HD Decrypter can remove various Blu-ray and DVD protections, including RC, UOPS, BD-Live, and common DVD protections, and it includes full disc and main movie modes for dvd 音声 抽出 and Blu-ray copying. To unlock the latest protections, you will need to purchase the full version of the product.

Since DVDFab HD Decrypter does not include compression and writing features, please do not set the output size to DVD5 when copying DVDs.

DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner is a fantastic DVD copying software designed for burning DVD content. It is known for creating perfect clones of the original data, hence the term “cloner.” Unlike DVD Fab, DVD Cloner comes with two copy modules: Express and Expert.

In Express mode, you can perform data burning operations with minimal steps, while Expert mode allows you to merge or split data as needed.

This software is user-friendly and produces high-quality output files. However, it may be slightly inconvenient for Japanese users as it does not support Japanese language.

DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is a convenient DVD copying software that operates on Windows. It is a freeware tool, meaning it is available for free to users.

This DVD copying software is primarily used to compress DVD-Video disc images. It can quickly compress copies from dual-layer size (8.5GB) DVDs to single-layer size (4.7GB) DVD-R media, as well as perform partial compression copies of title sections only. It also features functions such as chapter selection, subtitle selection, and region code modification.

Since DVD Shrink ceased development over a decade ago, it may not be able to copy the latest DVDs. If DVD Shrink fails to copy or rip dcv 変換, it’s advisable to use software like DVDFab.


With the three above examples, you now have a few decent DVD copying software options. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate copying software for you.

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