Try These Easy Backyard Landscaping Hacks

backyard landscaping hacks

A backyard landscape is a place to relax, tan, and spend time with friends and family. Yet, what if your backyard landscape isn’t the oasis that it is supposed to be? Try these four easy and affordable backyard landscaping hacks to help make your backyard look (and feel) great.

1. Plant Flower Bulbs and Perennials

One of the joys of spring and summer is the colourful flowers that bloom. Despite their beauty, flowers can be hard to care for. Flower bulbs and other perennial plants are low-maintenance options for your backyard garden. Once they are planted, you can trust that there will be colourful flowers in your backyard for years to come.

Plant a mixture of perennials and flower bulbs for a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. The bulbs and perennials will bloom at different times of the year, meaning your backyard will look beautiful at all times.

Tulips and flocks are a great option for landscaping your backyard. Both plants are perennials (meaning they come back every year) and are a beautiful source of colour in any backyard landscape. While tulips grow in tall stems, flocks spread out and provide ground cover. A combination of colours and perennials will add dimension to your garden and keep it looking beautiful all season long.

tulips bulbs

2. Kill Weeds With Boiling Water

Dandelions and other weeds have a terrible habit of popping up in your vegetable garden, in cracks of your sidewalk, or in your lawn. Rather than spending hours pulling them out by hand or buying harmful weed killers, pour boiling water over them. The hot water will instantly kill weeds.

Remember to practice safety measures when using boiling water. Fill a kettle with water and bring it to a boil. Before you carry it outside, ensure that the lid is on tight so you don’t spill any of the hot water on yourself.

3. Ward Off Snails and Slugs With Eggshells

Snails and slugs love to munch on leaves in your garden. This can leave your beautiful plants spotted with holes. To keep snails and slugs away, sprinkle broken eggshells throughout your garden bed. The eggshells act like small fences to deter snails and slugs from eating your plants’ leaves. This will help your garden look full and healthy all season long.

snail slowing

4. Mow Your Lawn Once A Week

A healthy, green lawn is important to creating a beautiful backyard landscape, but many people mow their grass incorrectly. This can leave their lawn looking brown and thin. Mow your lawn once a week with the blade of your lawnmower set to 3 and ½ inches above the ground. This will only cut the top of your grass, encouraging it to grow thicker and its roots to grow deeper. These two small changes will dramatically improve the health and appearance of your lawn – so much so that your neighbours may think you’ve hired a professional landscaping company.

Your Dream Backyard Is Only A Few Hacks Away

Creating a backyard oasis can be a time-consuming task. Try these four fast and easy backyard landscaping hacks so you can get back to focusing on what really matters: enjoying your beautiful backyard with your family and friends!

backyard landscaping hacks

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