Edges of Seven: The W5 Of Eo7

We recently spent some time with with honest, heaving rocking Edges of Seven, and were impressed enough to give you the lowdown on the band.

Here are the five Ws of Eo7:

Edges of Seven 7

Edges of Seven. Okay, keep track here. They began with one, climbed to five, went back down to four (when their bassist passed away in 2006), and are now at six.

It’s a two-for-one deal—industrial and modern rock and metal music mixed into one explosive combination.

Robert Takacs formed Eo7 in March 2000 and the band has since been moving toward world domination.

This is a Vancouver band, folks!

WHY (should you fall completely in love with this band): Catchy, unexpected, and intense music. Clear, addictive vocals. You gotta hear it to believe it.

Written by Faze contributor Anne Chen

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