Edwin Is Back With Another Solo Album


After taking some time off for a bit of a breather, former I Mother Earth singer, Edwin, is back with his highly anticipated sophomore solo disc, Better Days. So why the long break? “When you’re touring, you don’t have time for anyone or anything else,” the dark haired crooner told Faze over the phone from his home in Toronto. Edwin cited his own health concerns and the welfare of his family as reasons for stepping away from the music biz for a few years.

In this industry, taking time off can damage a career, but Edwin’s break from the spotlight did nothing to hinder his drive when it came to recording Days. “I was excited to get back into the studio. Doing something you love, you don’t get nervous. It becomes fresh and you’re more in tuned with it again.”

Did you know?: Edwin’s first single off Days, “Right Here,” which debuted in the Top 20 on MuchMoreMusic last summer, was also in the top 40 on the iTunes Top 100, making him the seventh most downloaded Canadian artist of all time.

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