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Eggs On Weed: Driving High, Driving Stupid

Sponsored by Arrive Alive and Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

Eggs On Weed

We’ve been sifting through some of the Canadian stats on driving while high on weed.

And some people actually believe you drive better on weed.

The logic goes something like this…

“When I’m high, I think I can play video games better, I even get better scores sometimes. I’m, like, so focused. So I bet I’ll be really focused if I drive a car too.”

Well, as it turns out, it doesn’t really work like that.

While one may be at times intensely focused (in a stoned kind of way) on the road, often that focus comes at the cost of being unaware of other things going on around you, like the truck beside you, or the stop sign you’re about to run. Your peripheral vision actually worsens and, as with alcohol, your reaction times are dulled. Bad news if that racoon (or toddler) suddenly run into the road.

In fact, when you drive high, you have a 5 times greater chance of hitting things.

And drivers who are high are more likely to speed and take risks that they wouldn’t normally.

To help get the word out, a couple of humourous videos and an Eggs on Weed website have been launched. There is also a weekly contest with iPad minis and more to be won.

Check out both videos and contest at the Eggs on Weeds website!



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