New Orange County Electro-Pop Band Stefy Hits The Scene


Most new bands struggle to get exposure before their first album comes out. But pop band STEFY was hired to write a song for a major motion picture, and for lead singer Stefy Rae, that’s part of a buildup that she hopes will explode with the release of their first album later this year.

An energetic woman fronting a band of guys, Rae has already been compared to Gwen Stefani, one of her favourite artists. But while Stefani sings about Harajuku and hollaback girls, STEFY’s songs deal with teen pregnancy, screwing up, and stolen boyfriends. Rae explains that she likes to write relatable songs grounded in truth.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to rock your socks off. The STEFY live show is a point of pride with Rae, who cites David Bowie and Prince as performing artists she admires. Rae says she really goes for it onstage and throws everything she has into giving people a good show. The wilder the experience, the better, she says, and jokes that if her skirt happens to flip up during a performance, so much the better. Clearly, Rae isn’t afraid of a little exposure, and we’re sensing it’s going to pay off for the band.


The band: STEFY, the electro-rock pop band from Orange County, CA is waiting to electrify fans on stage, screen, and radio.

Right now: First singles “Chelsea” and “Fool For Love” appeared on the soundtrack of John Tucker Must Die, starring Ashanti and Desperate Housewives’former blue-collar hunk, Jesse Metcalfe.

Check out the video for Stefy single “Chelsea”

Written by Faze contributor Austin Wong


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