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Elmer Olsen Bootcamp For Aspiring Models

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a teen model is like?

Elmer Olsen Models Bootcamp

Well, for Marie, one of top Toronto modeling agent Elmer Olsen’s fresh new faces, on this particular day she is “10% nervous, 90% excited.” She tells me that the 10% nervousness has a lot to do with the fear of falling on her face on the catwalk.

Marie is one of 20 girls participating in the 2010 Elmer Olsen Bootcamp 2 Bigtime showcase where model scouts from all over the world (including Paris, Italy and Tokyo) come to take a look at Canada’s next top model—literally!

At 20 years of age, Marie is one of the older girls in the group; however, she was only just discovered within the last year. “I was working as a WalMart cashier in my hometown of Aurora,” she says with a look of shock still on her face, “and a woman in my lineup asked me if I had ever done any modeling. Next thing you know, here I am with the best agency in Canada.”

Elmer Olsen Models Bootcamp

Marie and the rest of the girls are put through a rigorous day of runway walking lessons, nutrition and fitness guidelines, as well as presentations from a variety of industry insiders (photographers, designers, editors and current successful models).

It is a whirlwind for most of the girls who have been plucked from their normal lives as students, athletes and artists, but Marie is trying to stay calm and soak it all in. She giggles as she sees her mom setting up for an interview with MuchMusic.

“This is all so new for her, too,” Marie says with a laugh. “I’m so glad she is here with me.”

The theme of the presentations today has been all about staying grounded in the fast-paced world of fashion, and it sounds like Marie has just the support she needs to keep her reality in check.  She is just a normal gal after all, who tells me that the best thing about being a teenager is making mistakes.

Elmer Olsen Models Bootcamp

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