5 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your Photo Book Print Orders

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Photo Book as a product has numerous applications right from personal to professional and also as a personalized gift to anyone. For instance, while many use photo books to capture precious moments and use it as a trip down to the memory lane, many academic and corporate institutes use photo books to create highlights of an event and distribute it amongst students and it is also used as a personalized gift item on numerous occasions.

As a marketer, one can better promote the product that has multiple categories of buyers and to persuade them he can use multiple marketing channels. And, one of the best ways to promote not just photo books but any other product is via email marketing. Although many think that email marketing has become a conventional method of marketing, it still has the potential to provide optimum returns on investment if it is planned and executed well. For instance, in the year of 2019, DMA surveyed that for every $1 that marketers invest in Email marketing, they can expect a return of $42! (Source)

But to make sure that your email marketing campaign to boost your Photo Books sales is a success, you must plan your campaign and execute it with precession. Although every business has its own set of users and business goals, there are certain things that must be kept in mind while planning your email campaigns and to help you make an informed decision, below are 5 email marketing tips that’ll help you make your email campaign a success:

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5 Tips to make your Email Marketing Campaign a success:

#1 Personalize your Emails:

According to Statista, in the year of 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received every day! (Source) This means that although people suggest that email is a conventional way of communication, the figures show that the amount of emails that a person receives on an average is quite overwhelming! Thus, if you wish to make your marketing campaign a success, make sure you provide every reason to your potential customer to open your email.

The best way to ensure that is by making your emails personalized! Whether you provide them an opportunity to explore your photo book creator software and make them aware of the amazing gifts or products that they can design on their own or you wish to communicate an upcoming event or promotions, you must understand your audience and create a personalized mail. For those businesses that have a bigger client base, they can employ email automation modules to extend their reach of the emails and yet make them personalized.

#2 Create a click prompter Subject line and not a clickbait:

People are savvy and they would rather refrain from opening an email that has a clickbait subject line! Those cheesy unrealistic copy statements that you put might grab the attention of your user, but there are two major drawbacks of introducing clickbait. The first drawback is that as there have been many email spam and cyber-attack incidents in recent years that were associated with emails and thus, people now refrain from clicking on emails that might appear shady to them.

Second is that even if your potential customer falls for the clickbait and click on the email, there is a high probability that if the email body content does not match the subject line, then the customer will feel cheated and your brand image might suffer in the long run. Thus, make sure that you do not mislead the customer, instead highlight your amazing products, promotions and your Photo Book maker software’s capabilities in the Subject line to attract your customers. To put it in a statement, create a click prompter but not clickbait.

#3 Choose your audience wisely:

Whether you plan to provide information about the new graphic design templates that now your customers can use to design their personalized photo albums from your online photo album maker or you wish to highlight the benefits that your web to print solution caters to corporate clients who wish to place a bulk order, you must target the right person for that email. To put it simply, instead of targeting random people from a family or an organization, try to connect with decision-makers and managers who have the authority to place an order. For instance, for corporate orders, you cannot send an email to a CEO. Instead, you can target a Human Resource manager or personnel from the administration who are delegated such tasks.

#4 Information over promotion:

Did you know that every 9 out of 10 marketers use emails for organic content distribution and not for sales and promotions? (Source) Instead of spamming customers with sales pitches, marketers rather use the email platform as a means of communication and create a periodic brand recall in their minds. This point is instead of making unnecessary sales pitches that might feel like a spam to your customers, you can rather use the platform to educate your audience about the market trends and how customer-friendly your Photo Album design tool is for those who wish to follow that trend! This will help you keep your online photo album maker at the top of the minds of customers when they think about Photo Albums.

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#5 Accumulate organic data via Newsletters:

are more willing to open an email from a brand with whom they have had an interaction in past rather than a brand that is unknown to them. Thus, instead of creating a random database of emails and shooting blind emails, try to prompt your digital platform visitors to submit their email addresses and subscribe to your newsletter as well as product update emails. This tactic will help you become a trusted brand amongst your customers and create a positive brand image. Also, since you know these users understand your platform and your business, you can send them promotional emails that can push them to make the purchase that they had abandoned in their previous visit.

Email Marketing is not just about sales emails but it is rather a branding method that has bigger usage. To put it in a nutshell, rather than pitching your products and services to random people, you can create an organic database and use the platform to educate and inform your audience about your business, your product capabilities and upcoming promotions and offers.

These tips and tactics will not only help you boost your photo book sales but also help you create a positive brand image in the minds of your customers.

Here’s a video of this software that will allow you to design:


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