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Embracing A Healthier Lifestyle, Demi Lovato Is Feeling More Confident Than Ever

It’s safe to say that when Demi Lovato released her single “Cool for the Summer” we were all blown away by her level of coolness. Her confidence didn’t just show up one day though. Like everyone else, Demi put in the time to work hard and eat healthier while focusing on herself.  “I would really dedicate all of my free time to bettering myself, and not just physically, but mentally as well. Part of that journey was working out, eating healthy and learning how to truly embrace a full lifestyle change,” Demi explains.  “So when it was time to make the music video for ‘Cool for the Summer,’ I felt more confident than I have ever felt before. I felt like I was taking off that layer of insecurity and just facing my fears. Being able to show more skin in my video was a breakthrough for me, for sure.”

unnamed-1Embracing this change could be tough, but eating healthier and working out actually fuels Demi to do and feel better. “Making a healthy lifestyle a priority with my busy schedule is actually really easy,” Demi shares. “I do treat myself here and there, but for the most part I feel better when I eat healthy. I feel better when I’m busy and exercising at the same time because I have more energy when I work out and eat healthy, so for me it’s essential. It’s not only something that is a priority because it’s just good to do; it’s actually a huge part of touring and staying fit.”

Focusing on a healthier lifestyle, Demi joined Skechers in a global campaign to help push her lovatics, and fans around the world, to join her in bettering themselves as well. “I have a ridiculous amount of Skechers in my closet.  They are super comfy!  While touring, I walk through a lot of airports which can get super exhausting and hurt my feet which is not good when I have to be ready to perform on stage in heels that night,” she says.  “Skechers Memory Foam is the perfect break!” Footwear from the current #SkechersDemiStyle collection is available at Skechers stores and retailers around the globe.

Demi’s new music will also reflect all of this positive change that she’s been going through. “The music is very different.  In the past I knew who I was as a person, but I’ve never been more sure of who I am as an artist,” she explains. “I really channeled the direction and the vision that I had into what I wanted for this album. It truly is a far more ‘confident’ album.” With confidence in mind, Demi will be releasing her fifth studio album Confident on October 16, 2015!

Here’s a sneak peek of Demi’s next single “Confident” (We can already tell you’re going to LOVE it!):


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