Emily Reid At Canadian Music Week


After coming across an ad at the back of a Rolling Stones magazine, the grade 11 version of Emily Reid found her dream school. She knew it would be the first step toward her career in the music world: Belmont University in Nashville was calling her name.

Since then, that southern city has been her home. Although she’s originally from Victoria, B.C., this singer-songwriter has loved immersing herself in the Nashville music scene and being surrounded by such talented people.

Now, at 21, Emily has been working on her unique sound, which she describes as “Northwestern indie-pop meets the fusion and class of Nashville.” She released her debut album Reid just last August and has been traveling on a self-promoted tour across North America.


Her strong determination and work ethic is what’s going to make her stand out from the crowd and get her name out there. “I work really hard, night and day, and really believe in the power of a song and the power of music,” she says. “I think that anyone who works hard at anything will be successful, whatever it is they want to do—as long as you are all in it, guns-a-blazing. I just don’t think people can be stopped.”

She made her way back to Canadian soil, playing two shows in Toronto at Canadian Music Week. She’s even planning on moving to the city this summer, but wherever her music takes her, she will always have her B.C. roots. “I’m 100% a west coast girl in my carefree, chill nature.” she says. “And that sort of plays into my songwriting.” Her tracks such as “The River” and “West Coast Waters” are great examples of her fun and upbeat musical style.

She’d love to tour with talented female musicians such as Feist or Ingrid Michaelson someday, but for now, she’s just going to keep working hard on her craft as an artist and getting her music out there.

“It took me a long time to admit that I really want to be an artist and a songwriter,” she says. “I’m just proud to stand on my own two feet and know that this is what I want to do.”

Check out Emily’s video for her single “The River.”


You can find more at Emily Reid’s Facebook page.

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