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Emma Roberts: Career-Making Movies

Emma Roberts

If you’re a dark comedy and thrillers fan, you’re likely familiar with Emma Roberts. Emma is one of Nickelodeon’s teen starlets who have risen to fame in various movie genres since moving from day-time TV to the silver screen. But just what are some of Emma Roberts’ famous movies, and what are her plans for the big screen?

Emma Roberts’ Rise to Fame

Emma comes from a famous acting family, and she first appeared in a crime drama with Johnny Depp in 2001 before landing the leading role in the Nickelodeon hit Unfabulous. Adding to her repertoire, Emma sings and dances, and she’s since appeared in various shows, movies, and music videos. She’s also released an album showcasing her singing talent.

Emma has also become a producer since making the Hollywood big leagues, and she has become a natural all-rounder with big prospects, including her current projects like American Horror Story and voice-over projects like UglyDolls.

Facts about Emma Roberts’ Career

Emma Roberts

Here are some cool facts about the career of Emma Roberts:

  1. In 22 years of acting, Emma has starred in 40+ movies.
  2. Her first movie was Blow (2001), and Emma played Kristina in the biographical crime drama.
  3. In a decade, Emma acted in 17 TV shows. Six of these were American Horror Story anthologies.
  4. The actress also appeared as herself in a 2017 episode of The Postman’s Diaries 2.
  5. Emma also has the voice of an angel. She has released seven singles, and some of the songs were for Unfabulous and More, Ice Princess, and Aquamarine.
  6. She won the Best Kiss award in 2014 for her role in We’re the Millers.
  7. She was nominated as a “Favorite Rising Star” for three years at the Australian Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.
  8. In 2007, Emma won the “Best Performance in a TV Series – Supporting Young Actress” for Aquamarine.
  9. Off the big screen, the actress is a co-founder of Belletrist, a book club.
  10. Her breakout role was in Unfabulous, a Nickelodeon teen show, in which Emma played the lead role of Addie Singer.

Future Movie Plans

Emma Roberts

The starlet won’t stop acting any time soon. Future works include:

  • Madame Web is a Spider-Man spin-off movie and is currently in post-production. Emma joins the cast of Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson for the film.
  • Saurus City is an animated feature film that is also in post-production. Emma plays the voice of Sasha Nutwagon. Dennis Quaid, Julia Ormond, and Ron Perlman are also voice actors for the movie.
  • Space Cadet, which the actress is an executive producer and stars in. It’s a Prime Video rom-com, and Gabrielle Union, Tom Hopper, Kuhoo Verma, and Poppy Liu also star in it.
  • Tell Me Lies, for which Emma has been an executive producer since 2022.

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