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Emoji Study: Canadians Love Poop, Americans Love Lipstick, And The Spanish Love To Party

SwiftKey, a British app developer, analyzed more than one billion pieces of data across 16 languages and regions and across 60 categories to determine how people across the globe use emojis.


Here’s what they discovered:

We don’t quite get this, but apparently Canadians score highest for the poop emoji compared to other countries! What would Freud say about that?


  • Canadians also score highest in categories you might typically think of as “all-American” (money, violence, sports, and raunchy emojis).
  • The French use four times as many heart emojis than other languages and it’s the only language for which a “smiley” is not number one.
  • Arabic speakers use flowers and plant emojis four times more than average.
  • Russians are the biggest romantics, using three times as many romance-themed emojis than the average.

Australia is the land of vices and indulgence according to the emoji data, using double the average amount of alcohol-themed emojis, 65 percent more drug emojis than average and leading for both junk food and holiday emojis.

  • Judging by their use of emojis, Americans are the most LGBT, using them more than others.
  • Americans also lead for a random assortment of emojis & categories, including skulls, birthday cake, fire, tech, meat and female-oriented emojis.

Female-oriented emojis (lipstick, high heels, pink bow, manicure, etc.) are most often used by the US.



Wondering where you should go when you really want to have some fun? The award for best communicators of the party theme is Spain! Spanish speakers use “party time” emoji 72 percent more often than the average.


Top 5 overall emoji categories:

  1.  Happy faces (includes winks, kisses, smiles, and grins) – 45 percent
  2.  Sad faces (includes sad and angry emojis) – 14 percent
  3.  Hearts (includes all colours of heart and the broken heart emoji) – 12.5 percent
  4.  Hand gestures (includes thumbs up, clapping hands, and the peace sign emoji) – 5.3 percent
  5.  Romantic (includes lipstick kiss mark, love letter, and couple kissing emoji) – 2.4 percent

What do your emojis say about you? Go back and have a look, more than likely they’ll give you a good idea what mood prevails in your life. If “poop,” “guns”, and “angry face” dominate your messages, maybe it’s time to de-stress for a day or week.

So there you have it! What’s your favourite emoji? Let us know @fazemagazine.

Here’s ours!

Heart-Eyes emoji

Interested in reading more from the study? It’s here!

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