Your Energy Drink Could Send You To The Hospital


Have you ever felt so tired after an all-nighter that even coffee doesn’t give you the boost that you need? You may have opted to have an energy drink, but the benefits of drinking one are heavily outweighed by the risks.


In the last year, more and more studies have demonstrated the deadly effects of energy drinks on our bodies. The sugar, caffeine and energy stimulants in energy drinks that give you an extra boost make up a deadly mixture of ingredients that can strain your heart function and send you to the hospital!

A study by the University of Bonn, Germany found that frequent consumption of energy drinks can drastically change the way our heart functions. The study went on to say that consuming energy drinks causes significantly increased heart contractions in adults for up to an hour after initially consuming the beverage, which has the potential of putting you at risk for irregular heartbeats.

It is possible that many people are unaware of the alarming side effects of energy drinks because of how they are labelled. According to a U.S. News article, that has to do with the way that energy drinks are labelled. Energy drinks that are marketed as dietary supplements aren’t regulated for safety by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Most energy drinks contain between 80 milligrams to over 350 milligrams of caffeine, sugar and energy supplements. When an energy drink is marketed as a dietary supplement then it can be distributed without a nutrition facts label, which would disclose the harmful stimulants that are in the drink. However, even if energy drinks are FDA approved, they don’t have to disclose the number of stimulants.

If you mix energy drinks with other drinks, please take caution. A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that those who consumed alcohol mixed with energy drinks were three times more likely to be highly intoxicated and drive while intoxicated than those who didn’t consume alcohol mixed with energy drinks. This is because the stimulating effects of energy drinks can suppress the effects of alcohol, which can lead you to think and feel that you’re not as drunk as you really are.

Working out while drinking an energy drink can have dangerous effects on your health as well. A study by Camilo José Cela University found that athletes who consumed an energy drink before working out reported that they had insomnia and increased anxiety compared to those who didn’t consume one. Working out increases your heart rate, which combined with increased heart contractions and anxiety from energy drinks can have serious effects on your health.

Energy drinks may be widely available but they aren’t the healthiest or safest option for your body. To stay naturally energized, get organized and stay on top of your work so that you aren’t having to stay up all night to complete assigned tasks. If you’d like a natural energy boost you could make a smoothie or make time for a short workout – that’ll give you all of the energy you need!

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