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How to Decide If You Should Go Engagement Ring Shopping With Your Partner

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When you’re getting serious with your partner and know you want to spend the rest of your lives together, there are many big decisions to make. One of those decisions will come up quite quickly, and that’s whether you should go engagement ring shopping with your partner.

It’s more common now for couples to ring shop together, but that doesn’t mean it is or isn’t the right decision for your engagement. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether ring shopping together is the right decision for you.


Picking out an expensive piece of meaningful jewelry that is supposed to symbolize your relationship and its promise for the future is no easy feat. There are many different types of engagement rings and trends to consider, like choosing alternative stones and supporting local Toronto made jewelry.

Choosing something of this magnitude solo and hoping your partner will like it can be highly stressful, especially if you’re unsure of their taste in jewelry. Visiting Toronto jewelry stores with your partner will ensure your partner gets the ring they’ve been dreaming of.


If you or your partner have dreamed of the day you’d be surprised out of nowhere with a fairytale proposal, ring shopping as a couple can take away from that. That being said, many couples still find ways to pop the question in a surprising way despite having many discussions in advance about getting engaged. The where, when and how of the proposal can all remain a mystery to maintain the element of surprise and have that swept off your feet moment.

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Engagement rings can be (but don’t have to be) a significant financial investment. As with most other significant investments, making these decisions as a couple can ensure there are no hard feelings on how much or little was spent. When you shop together, it makes sense to discuss how much you plan to spend and decide what’s affordable.


Going ring shopping as a couple may be popular, but it isn’t traditional. While it’s become increasingly common over the years to the point that it’s more popular to shop together than it is for one person to do the ring shopping, that decision won’t be in line with people who want their proposal and wedding to be steeped in tradition.


There are a lot of thoughts and opinions about whether couples should go ring shopping together. There’s also the middle ground of going engagement ring window shopping together to allow for trying on different rings and styles, getting a sense of what your partner wants, and then making the final decision a surprise. Ultimately, the right answer is to do what’s right for you as a couple. Take these things into consideration and make the decision that’s best for your relationship now and into the future.

If you’re planning to get engaged to your partner, how do you know if you should go engagement ring shopping together? Read this to make the right decision for your engagement.

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