Enhance The Inside And Outside Of Your Home With Beautiful Lighting

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Have you ever thought about how important lighting is to your home, both inside and out? Just changing the brightness of a single bulb can turn a home from an activity hub into a cozy area for two. When it comes to lighting, we know it can transform a space, but it can change how we feel and create a “mood,” according to Redfin. Natural and bright lights are good for activity and work spaces, but having dimmer switches can instantly change the mood from active to relaxing, all with just a switch!

We are going to look at just some of the ways you can elevate the look and feel of your home, both inside and out, by changing the lighting.

Let’s Look at Indoor Lighting Options – Ambient, Task-Oriented, and Accent Light

Different types of lighting serve different purposes. Three of the most common types of lighting are ambient, task, and ambient lighting, according to HGTV. We are going to look at all these options to see where they should be used to get the biggest visual benefit.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is positioned to draw attention to something special. A piece of art, architectural elements, and antiques are often highlighted with lights. The different types of lighting used for accent lighting include wall fixtures, recessed lights, puck lights, and track lighting. If you already have some of this type of lighting in your home, take advantage of it by placing some interesting artwork or other item in the path of the light to make it a focal point in the room.

Accent lighting is usually not as bright as task lighting, but brighter than ambient lighting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is light that is concentrated in certain areas of the home where there is extra light needed, as this is the brightest type of light. It provides the bright light needed in study or work areas, cooking, and craft areas.

Some types of task lighting that are commonly used in these areas include desk lamps, LED strip lights, and pendant lighting. Most of these types of lighting fixtures can be adjusted when needed so the light goes directly to the area where it is needed. It provides the light needed to complete tasks without straining the eyes.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is usually the main light source in the room. It can also set the mood for space. Ambient lighting can offer a soft glow in some areas of the home while offering brighter areas where more light is needed. Some of the most popular types of ambient lighting include ceiling lights, wall sconces, and lighting fixtures. You can also get natural, ambient lighting through skylights and windows.

Ambient light is most often found in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, as it creates a warm, cozy atmosphere. In many cases, ambient lights can be dimmed and adjusted to get the perfect amount of light in the room to create the desired effect.

Outdoor Lights – What a Difference They Make!

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Outdoor lighting can give your home a completely new look from the outside, giving it instant curb appeal.

Outdoor lighting is not just aesthetically pleasing, it can also provide an added level of security to your home. Affording to BUILD Magazine, garden lights, pathway lights, floodlights, wall sconces, step lights, and flag lights are just some of the many different types of lights that are great for highlighting outdoor flora and fauna, as well as keeping people safe while maneuvering through the yard and garden.

Installing Indoor and Outdoor Lights

Some people who enjoy DIY projects can complete simple lighting tasks on their own. This includes installing outside lighting that comes in kits with an electrical box, cord/wire, and small spotlights. Some can also install dimmers on existing lights pretty easily.

When it comes to larger projects such as installing outside wall sconces and other permanent lighting fixtures inside, it is best to call an electrician who can complete the light installation task quickly and easily. And if something goes wrong, you have a place to go to get the lighting issue corrected.

Others employ the assistance of indoor and outdoor lighting services those that are able to install the lighting, but also help you determine the best places for lights and the types of lighting that work best in a particular area.

Today, there are many different ways to activate your lighting. Of course, we have the traditional method of turning them off and on with a wall switch. But technology has entered the lighting arena, so many can turn indoor and outdoor lights on remotely from their phone or other devices.

The proper lighting can change the atmosphere of a home quickly and easily. Take a look around your home, and see where you can improve your home’s lighting, both inside and out.

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