How To Ensure Winter Tires In Canada Last Long

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Winter tires Canada are usually designed to withstand the harsh cold and wet climate that makes the roads icy and difficult to maneuver using normal tires. Their treads are usually fitted with special features that guarantee stability for your vehicle. Winter tires are also made in a way that they can withstand constant braking on icy roads.

The period of time that your winter tires last depends on the type of driver you are and how well you maintain the tires. The intensity of which the treads have worn out and visible cracks are what tell you that your tires have worn out. The following are some of the things that help to prolong the life of the winter tires Canada and other snow and ice prone climates demand. Read on to find more.

1. Drive Slowly

There are two different types of drivers. Those that love speed and the screeching tire sounds when taking corners. Then they are the slow but sure types of drivers. Regardless of the type of driver you are, winter requires you to drive slowly. This is because the constant breaking associated with high speeds wears off the tires very quickly.

Any added friction on the tires during winter causes a lot of damage to the treads. A slow speed ensures a normal grip between the tire and the icy road. The wet and icy roads cause tires to slide and rotate more calling for slow driving in order to reduce friction.

2. Ensure That Your Tires Have The Right Pressure

It is normal for tire pressure to reduce during the cold season. This means that monitoring the tire is very important. Keeping the tires with the right amount of pressure ensures that the friction they have with the roads is reduced. The right tire pressure reduces sliding which means that the tire will not be easily damaged.

Low pressure is a problem even during summer. Imagine how this problem doubles when the roads are icy. Therefore, always check the amount of pressure on your tires in order to prolong their life expectancy.

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3. Replace All Tires At a Go

If you notice that one of your tires has worn out and cannot be used for the icy roads, consider replacing all four of them. This is because replacing just one tire can cause your vehicle to malfunction. The stability of the car will not be good as one of the tires is more efficient than the others.

However, once all the tires are replaced, the grip of the road is equal making your vehicle very stable on the icy roads. The equal speed rating and same size of the treads ensure that your vehicle maneuvers the snowy roads well.

4. Proper Storage And Maintenance During Summer

When winter is over and it is time to remove the winter tires Canada, ensure that you store them appropriately as this also helps to prolong their life. Keeping them in good condition even when they are not in use helps them to last long.

Before storing them, ensure that you give them a good wash to remove salt and any other elements that could damage them during storage. Remove any small stones that could be in between the treads so that the tire retains its original tread pattern.

For extra care, you can your snow tires Canada with plastic bags once they are clean and properly dried. Regular checks should be done to ensure that they are in the right condition. It is also important to check out for rodents in the storage room. Ensure that the room is clean and free from rodents that damage the rubber.

5. Other Substitute Ways

There are alternative ways of reducing the wear and tear of your snow winter tires. You can improve the braking systems such that the grip is increased and friction is reduced at the same time. Another way to ensure that your snow tires Canada last long is by reducing the usage of your vehicle during winter.

The use of alternative means of transport during winter can help to prolong the life of your winter tires Canada. This is because your tires will not incur so much friction on the icy roads which causes them to wear out easily.

Following these will help your winter tires Canada add more miles and save o regular replacement costs.

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