A Big Difference: Ensuring Your Home Has All The Right Little Things

Whenever you move into a new place, whether it’s an apartment or house; you’re likely to focus on getting all the larger items sorted out. The sofa, beds, T.V, the list goes on; you’ll want to ensure that you can utilize the space as well as possible, and the novelty of eating takeout pizza, whilst sitting on the floor, will soon wear off. Once your bigger pieces of furniture and electronics are in; you’ll probably be thinking about home décor, accessories, and nice lighting options; that’s the fun bit, so, enjoy!

However, so often it’s the little, useful, mundane items that won’t even cross your mind until you need them. And, sometimes, you really need them! Therefore it might be worth taking a little time out to go around each room in your head and start writing a list of the things that will probably come in super handy one day. The following are some ideas on where to start so that you can begin preparing your home for a variety of situations.

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The Bathroom

You’ll have probably stocked up on your favourite toiletries and soft towels; however, it’s always worth having a medical kit just in case. You can buy a cute container, and ensure it’s full of everything you or a guest may need in case of a minor injury or ailment. Painkillers, cold and flu tablets and vitamins are great additions that can help make you feel better.

Practical items like Band-Aids, nail scissors and tweets, and some small bandages are perfect for accidents whilst chopping in the kitchen. Then invest in any bits that may make your guests stay even more comfortable; this could be anything from catheter kits to blood pressure monitors. A thermometer is always good for tracking a temperature too. You get the idea, now head to your pharmacy for even more inspo!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great space for those in between items that don’t quite belong in the garage; it’s also a great excuse to buy some lovely storage options. Everything that’s battery-powered will need spares; you don’t want the remote to run out of juice at the wrong time. Light bulbs, filters, and basically anything that will ensure that items are functioning correctly and need replacing from time to time.

The Garage

Whilst you may not want to invest in a full toolkit (although, you totally can); it’s worth getting some of the essentials. A screwdriver, hammer, and drill will all come in handy when you want to put up gorgeous pictures. Don’t forget a couple of jars for nails and screws too. Paint and adhesives are also handy, should the DIY mood hit you.

Drawers In Each Room

This is where you think about if there was a total power cut, at night. As seeing is pretty useful; it’s worth popping some candles and a way to light them in a drawer or container in each room of the home. Now, go through that list, and you’ll never be unprepared again!

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