Enter Shikari: Their New Album Is Full of Heart

Enter Shikari

For Enter Shikari fans looking for new tracks to rage out to with the band in concert, there is no doubt they will love their new album A Flash Flood of Colour.  This album is a mixture of passion, fury and surprisingly even some peaceful melodies. Though some of the tracks are just pure screaming, fans of the band will welcome the messages behind the noise. Most of the tracks target political issues such as war, in “Stalemate” and “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi” and different forms of government in “Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide.”

A fan favorite will definitely to be “…Meltdown.” Though it begins with Enter Shikari’s usual heavy-metal sound, the chorus is fresh and different that fans are sure to eat up. The thought provoking lyrics in this song, such as, “Fear begins to vanish when we realize that countries are just lines drawn in the sand with a stick,” are full of heart and meaning and are executed with an inventive new sound.

Enter Shikari

Two of my favorite tracks are “Constellations” and “Stalemate.”Enter Shikari will undeniably shock their fans with these poetic, toned down tracks full of beautiful symbolism and profound messages.“Constellations”contains brilliant time and space imagery and “Stalemate”is a track that fans can unwind to at the end of a hard day. Contrary to the rest of the album, these are two songs that fans will enjoy to sit back and relax to.

Overall, A Flash Flood of Colour is a heavy album, dealing with controversial world issues that fans of Enter Shikari will without a doubt appreciate. The intense lyrics are put to booming tracks that makes fans want to scream along with. As for listeners looking for a more mellow sound? Enter Shikari has you covered with a couple soft tracks, but this album is definitely intended for the heavy metal lovers that can’t wait to rock out to a loud electric sound.

A Flash Flood of Colour was released on January 17th 2012, and is now on iTunes and in stores for purchase.

Photo of band by Joe Dilworth.

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