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Essential Fitness Gear For A Strong, Healthy You

Everyone prefers different types of physical activity, but no matter how you like to get your body moving, there are essential tools to better your experience with exercise. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to the top fitness must-haves when beginning your journey to a strong, healthy you!


Asics MetaRacer Running Shoes

Like everything in the fitness world, there are various types of footwear that will suit you based on the activity you’re participating in. A shoe that is best for outdoor running will differ from a shoe for indoor running, which will also differ from the right shoe for weightlifting, gym workouts, and indoor sports. Investing in proper footwear may be overlooked but is very important for the success in your training. A good shoe meant for the specific activity can help in the reduction of negative impact on your feet from forceful landings as well as improve your performance. In addition, wearing the proper footwear can prevent you from injuries, such as fractures and sprains.

Running shoes

On average, a pair of running shoes should be replaced after it’s been used for 560-800 kilometres. They should be supportive, comfortable, and lightweight. There is recommended footwear for a wide range of different forms of running, but an overall high-quality and supportive running shoe is the Asics Women’s Metaracer ($259.99). With a design intended to allow peak airflow, they will keep your feet cool for the duration of your run. GuidesoleTM technology improves the toe shape, reducing the movement of your ankle joint, which helps prevent injury and lower the amount of energy required from you. They are lightweight and provide excellent traction for the outdoor runner!

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a variety of ways to get moving, the Reebok Nano X ($130) is a fantastic option. The shoe includes upgraded FlexweaveTM technology that enhances breathability, durability, and stability. With secure footing, new increased comfort thank to high density foam, and ankle support perfect for heavy lifting, this shoe is a great option no matter what kind of workout you’re doing!

Fitness Watch


Starting your fitness journey can feel daunting. Without guidance or encouragement, you can easily feel burnt out and unmotivated. Tracking your workouts with a fitness watch is a perfect solution to keep you continuously engaged and organized.

Many of the watches come with the ability to monitor your activity and heart rate, to count calories burned, distance walked, steps taken, hours spent standing and active, and so much more. These fitness tracking devices have stylish designs and bands built for maximum comfort, including the ability to kindly remind you to get active. They are a worthwhile investment in your health, providing you with the support of a personal trainer in a small compact screen on your wrist.

With the abundance of fitness watches available on the market today, it’s challenging to select the best one for yourself. However, there are some important aspects to take into consideration when purchasing your tracker. Battery life, water resistance, durability, accuracy, reliability, comfort, and user friendliness are all essential to investigate before making your decision.

To ease your search, here are some of the best fitness tracking watches in 2021.

1. For an overall well-rounded fitness watch, the Fitbit Inspire 2 ($129.99) is an excellent choice. With built-in GPS and 24/7 Heart Rate, the device tracks your pulse, calories burned, sleep, steps, and much more. Additionally, the watch syncs with your smartphone, so even when you’re mid-workout, you can stay in the loop and receive calls or texts right to the watch. With a lithium-ion polymer battery that completely charges just in two hours and delivers up to 10 days of battery life with a single charge, you’ll never be slowed down. The silicone band provides a comfortable yet sleek look.

2. For the faithful Apple user, the Apple Watch Series 6 (from $529) is a wonderful option. With a groundbreaking new sensor and app, this newest device measures your blood oxygen levels and has the ability to take an ECG at any time. The watch also allows you to track your sleep and set sleep goals, to record calories burned, steps taken, distance walked, and more. It has water resistance rating of 50 metres and equipped with an 18-hour all-day battery that is 100 percent charged within 1.5 hours.

Wearable Audio

Huawei FreeBuds 4i

Headphones or earbuds are one of the most essential tools when partaking in any form of exercise. Whether you’re listening to music, an audiobook, or a podcast, a good pair of headphones is what allows you to stay engaged and motivated for the duration of your workout.

Is Bluetooth worth it? Yes, absolutely. Bluetooth connection allows you to have an incredible flexibility in your workout. Without cords hindering your movement, you can exercise freely. Trusting your headphones to deliver is crucial because having them malfunction or break mid-workout is an immediate mood destroyer. Bluetooth technology can ease that worry. Some people prefer wireless earbuds, while others opt for over-the-ear headphones. While both are excellent options, over-the-ear products are exceptionally better for outdoor workouts as they block out noise more effectively. For indoor workouts, earbuds are a great go-to.

Huawei’s new FreeBuds 4i are our pick for affordable and ear buds bringing the latest wireless tech to your workout. Stylish and solidly built, they also have active noise cancellation which can be great to help you better get into your zone (or zen) by reducing surrounding sounds in your gym or workout environment. With excellent sound quality, seamless Bluetooth capability, 10 hours of listening time, extremely fasting charging and a nice carrying pod/charger which actually gives you 22 hours of listening time if used to give your earbuds a quick charge from time to time. The Freebuds and other wireless devices bring the quality of wired headphones and convivence of Bluetooth, taking your workout to the next level.


lululemon fitness wear

When doing any kind of activity, you want to be comfortable. It’s difficult to put in hard work if you’re not feeling your best.

If you’re working out in a gym, it’s important to have gear that is flexible and allows your body to move. Breathable active shorts or leggings are best paired with a sweat-wicking top of your choosing, be it a T-shirt, tank top, or long sleeve. Breathability is essential in your workout clothes since you’ll want to keep your body cool. If your sportswear is absorbing your sweat (for example, the one made of cotton), it can weigh you down. Rubber-based or plastic-based materials, hindering your body temperature are something to stay away from. Another thing to consider when choosing the right clothing is bottoms that are “squat proof,” meaning the fabric isn’t sheer enough to be seen through. When you exercise, the tightness of your sportswear does not matter and will not impact the quality of your workout.

If you’re planning to run or participate in any other highly cardio-intense activity, it is just as important to look for sweat-wicking gear. For runs, you will want to do your best to avoid loose or wide pants and other baggy clothing as there’s a higher chance something can get snagged and cause you to trip. For best results in a session of yoga, aim for form-fitting clothing that won’t weigh you down or have the potential to snag.

For any woman, a critical part of the workout is having a supportive sports bra. There is nothing worse than not being able to reach your full training potential because of chest pain. When looking for a sports bra, try to find something with minimal seams and stitching to reduce possible chafing and something that wicks moisture. You can choose a compression bra that will hug your body (for smaller chests) or an encapsulation bra, which provides individual support (for larger chests).

An excellent option if you’re looking for ultimate support is the Lululemon Swift Speed Bra ($88). Highly supportive with smooth, sweat-wicking, and quick-drying fabric, this sports bra has everything you need.


Massage Rollers & Balls

massage rollers balls stretching

Massage foam rollers and roller balls have extensive post-workout benefits, such as reduction of muscle soreness, elimination of tightness or tension, better flexibility, improvement in blood circulation, and muscle relaxation. Massage balls can be used from head to toe and are compact enough to be a staple in your gym bag. The health benefits from massage rolling equipment are important. This gear helps your body heal after the workout; however, you do not want to overuse them as it can cause your muscles to be strained.

Resistance Bands

peach bands resistance

Resistance bands are an excellent addition to your at-home or regular gym workout. They scarcely take up space, are affordable and easily attainable. There are endless uses for this type of equipment, and with the immense library of workouts available on YouTube, you’ll never run out of ways to exercise with them. Resistance bands are also an excellent option if you have limited space to workout in. You can choose looped bands that will be great for leg training or longer unlooped bands, which can be used for full body exercise. Most packs of resistance bands come with varying levels of resistance—perfect no matter what workout you’re doing!

Try the highly-rated Peach Bands Set ($22.99) for sculpting, lifting, and toning of your legs!

Yoga/Fitness Mat

yoga - on balcony, at home - to avoid depression

A yoga or fitness mat is a great addition to your training gear. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that allows you to partake in a multitude of workouts while ensuring you don’t harm your back or other body parts in the process. You’ll want to choose a matt suitable for your height. Moreover, for smooth surfaces, a yoga matt with a sticky, non-slip bottom is very helpful as it prevents you from sliding mid-workout. If you need extra comfort, try a yoga mat with additional cushion.

 Basic Free Weights

Home Gym Workout Weights

Anyone starting their fitness journey should consider owning their own set of basic weights. In the current state of the world due to the ongoing pandemic, you can never know for sure when everything around you may shut down, including the gym. With your own set of weights, your fitness journey never has to be put on hold. You don’t need anything complex, just a simple set of dumbbells that work for you. Starting light and working your way up to heavier weights is always a good idea.

Try this Sporzon Colored Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set ($120.52) of 3, 5, and 8 lb. weights!

Now that you’ve got the essentials to take your workout to the next level, go out there and move your body to become a stronger, healthier you!

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