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ETFL Update: A Letter from Founder Lindsay Seegmiller

DID YOU KNOW? One dollar raised can feed seven—that’s right, SEVEN—children in one day.

ETFL Lindsay Seegmiller

It is exciting to update you all on the past few months at Eat to Feed Liberians. It is of course, always busy, but always exciting!

Since I last spoke with Faze, we have added on a group of new children to our program: The Wonderful Kids. These are a group of 30 kids that are affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Some of them have lost their parents, while others have very sick families or are sick themselves. Because of this, they often do not receive the necessary physical or emotional support at home.

Two Liberian friends of mine started caring for these kids a few years ago with extra money they could find and ETFL is really excited to now support their cause by providing funding for 2 meals a day, every day.

This program is about a lot more than meals for us though. The food is a reason for this group of kids to come together and support each other as they go through challenges that most kids–perhaps most adults–couldn’t dream of.

The kids have formed a soccer league called “The Baby Lions” who are turning into a pretty talented team in the refugee camp. They play their big games on Saturdays and then everyone comes together for a celebratory party at one of my Liberian friend’s homes.

ETFL Eat To Feed Liberians Africa

For us in Canada, we have been working very hard to fundraise to support these kids and to advocate on their behalf. I think it is so important that people support us not just by donating, but by taking the time to learn about the challenges faced by HIV-affected/infected children. We want to teach people not just about the hardships but about the really fantastic stories that come from these children and keep us motivated.

If you are interested in getting involved, we would be more than happy to share some information and stories about The Wonderful Kids and talk about more specific things you can do to support them! Please do not hesitate to email me (

Thank you for reading and for your support!

Lindsay Seegmiller

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