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European Travel Made Easy: Why You Should Opt For Public Transport?

With a large number of European countries playing host to holidaymakers all year round, finding flights that are cheap for the whole family can seem impossible. However, opting for a train or a coach is the perfect way to reduce the cost and create an experience to remember. So before you renew your EU health card and begin piecing together your travel plans, allow us to show you why you should opt for public transport on your next European holiday.

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Reduces Cost

One of the main benefits of using public transport when travelling around Europe is the reduction in cost. Whether this is because you no longer need to rent a car, or you are looking to cut costs when travelling to your next destination using public transport can help to keep costs down as tickets are often much cheaper than the price of a plane ticket. This is particularly beneficial if you are travelling with a family as it will help you to stick to a budget with ease.


Another benefit of using public transport is the reliability that it has. With trains and buses running regularly with very minimal delays, you can get from A to B completely stress-free. However, travelling by plane can be stressful, with a number of security checks as well as the potential for delays, this can not only be expensive but can ruin your holiday. By opting for a train or a bus you can avoid this unnecessary stress as well as reduce the cost with the average ticket for public transport such as buses costing less than £5 ($7).

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Luggage Capacity

Another benefit to travelling by train or bus around Europe is the luggage capacity that you have. Unlike a plane, you can carry additional baggage with you at no extra charge making this a great way to effectively take you and your family around Europe. There are a number of trains that have beds in carriages, allowing you to relax and unwind as you travel with some of the world’s most amazing views. By packing light and making sure the suitcase is for 2 people each, you can have saved space and allow for additional room in your carriage.

Explore New Places

When travelling by plane, you often miss some of the most amazing views as you are flying above the clouds. However, by taking a train or a coach, you are able to soak up the views and you can explore new cities along the way. This is due to trains stopping along the route allowing you to explore before heading on to the next destination. This is great for those that are travelling with young children as you can keep them occupied and provide them with much more space to roam around the carriage and even play with toys.

Whether you are looking to travel around Europe very soon or you are planning ahead for a grand adventure, why not try using public transport instead and see how much you can save?

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