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Young people nowadays spend a lot of time online, scrolling through social platforms, maybe platforms for buying their favorite necklace, dress, jeans from a place such as Amazon, reading fun things about top TV shows to watch, or even ending up on sites for daily world news, or other ones like Casinovator. If you ended up reading this article, you are probably among these young people who are seeking travel sites, new adventures and want to try something different. Hitchhiking is something that wanderlust souls adore, and today we will share with you some tips on how to do it right, enjoy the ride and stay safe.

Recently, the media has presented us with an increasingly hostile and violent world in which we must be on the lookout for both strangers and those in our immediate vicinity. As a result, we believe that hitchhiking is dangerous.

Forget about the schemes, because they will be shattered in the exchanges, the discussions, and the life experiences, and you will be forced to begin seeing the world in a different light; understanding that there are truly good people scattered all over the world and that the truth is that we are the majority of the population.

The realization that you do not need years of friendship to make great road friends will be a humbling experience. However, consider the possibility that only a couple of kilometers and a few delicious cupcakes are required to realize that you can have great friends without having to worry about time constraints.

Given the large number of people who choose this mode of transportation based on the solidarity of drivers, let’s try to clarify how it is practiced, what its advantages are, and what its dangers are to avoid misunderstandings.

Hitchhiking tips

Hitchhiking is one of the most ancient and widely used modes of accessible transportation in history. It is not a new concept, but it has regained popularity in recent years, particularly in conjunction with carpooling.

To put it simply, hitchhiking entails standing on a highway where a large number of cars pass by and raising your thumb every time a vehicle passes in the direction you want to go.

To achieve positive results with this mode of transportation, one of the most important tricks is to position yourself on the roadway that vehicles must travel to reach your destination; that is to say, to set yourself in a passing place where vehicles must circulate to achieve the desired goal. Ensure that the area is large enough for the car that will pick you up to stop without impeding the flow of traffic around you.

One method of attracting the attention of drivers is to post a sign with clearly marked letters on which we write where we want to go and a giant “Please” in large letters. Of course, raising your finger is also necessary, but you must be careful to do so in a place on the road where it will not be a hazard to other motorists who are traveling typically.

The use of a flashy hat or bright clothing to attract the attention of motorists is another effective technique for avoiding being overlooked while driving.


Although it is not recommended, hitchhiking is very common in certain parts of Europe and the rest of the world. While caution should be exercised, it is a convenient and fast mode of transportation that anyone can use.

One of the most significant advantages of hitchhiking is that it is entirely free. For this reason, it is such a widespread practice among young people, whether they are backpackers or not, who want to save a few dollars or euros on their trip.

It also gives you the ability to socialize. Hitchhiking is an excellent way to meet new people. Furthermore, in many cases, you exchange phone numbers. In some cases, the driver himself, a resident of the city where you are traveling, invites you to visit his home, have dinner with his family, and even stay the night in his home. It all boils down to good fortune!

Nowadays, it is much easier for a car to pull over and pick you up while you are hitchhiking, especially if your physical appearance does not indicate slovenliness, intoxication, or other such traits as they used to. Because of this, it is a transportation system that is both free and efficient.

What to watch out for?

Getting into a stranger’s car carries a certain amount of risk, given that we do not know the individual in question. Although it may appear sexist, there have been many cases involving women that, despite their best efforts, have not ended in the way that they should have and have even made the headlines. A woman hitchhiking alone is never recommended because of this risk of sexual harassment.

Hitchhiking as a mode of transportation can put men in potentially dangerous situations, particularly dangerous for men. Consequently, it is critical that if the vehicle or driver does not instill confidence in us, we reject them and continue waiting for the next available car or driver. Keep your hands off the door if you don’t want to get in!

Nothing bad should happen if we proceed with caution, but we expect the following to occur: we will arrive at our destination quickly and without having to pay. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and hitchhike on one of your trips.


And, perhaps most importantly, hitchhiking is hazardous to narrow-mindedness: We promise you that you will broaden your perspective as a result of your experience. This is a “good” danger. You will come to realize that, whether you hitchhike in India, Peru, or Africa, we have more things in common than we make differences at the end of the day. For example, there are many similarities between the tererĂ© in Paraguay and the mate in Argentina, or the traditional coffee in the Balkans, which is the same, but called differently in every country. Finally, we are all traveling the same road and seeking only one thing: happiness.


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