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Expectations vs. Reality: Spring (Or Summer) Break

Yet another beloved school break is coming up or maybe you’re already on it! I’m sure you and your friends have been brainstorming exactly how you will spend every waking moment of this well-deserved vacation. However, how many of these activities will you guys really end up doing? Whether we’re going somewhere with sun and beaches or just staying home and relaxing, we often have an idea of how totally awesome our summer or spring break will be. How often do our expectations meet with reality?

Expectation: With all this extra time, you’ll be able to put together super-healthy-and-Instagram-worthy meals.

Pinapple filled with fruit salad

Reality: A bowl of chips is better than of bowl of fruit, anyway.

Justin Bieber in kitchen eating chips from bowl

Expectation: Get all your readings and assignments done on the first day, so you won’t have to worry about them during your break.

Reality: Spend the whole spring break stressing about your homework, then end up doing it on the last night.


Expectation: Have an awesome slumber party with your friends filled with DIY projects and pillow fights.

Friends jumping on bed and pillow fight at sleepover

Reality: Getting together with friends just to scroll through Twitter and order pizza.

Zooey Deschanel looking bored

Expectation: Mindlessly wander the city you’re visiting, finding adventure at every corner.

Girls from Now and Then riding bikes

Reality: Getting lost.

Expectation: Get a beautiful tan.

Ross from friends showing his tan

Reality: Get burned to a crisp.

Stewy walking with a bad sun burn

Expectation: Workout everyday to get your summer body started.

Man frantic on elliptical

Reality: Not having enough energy to even leave your bed.

Boy laying face first in bed

Expectation: Have a romantic and fun-filled spring fling.

Boy and girl laying on beach

Reality: The only thing you will ever truly love is your cat.

Girl laying in bed with cat

School breaks (spring or summer) don’t always turn out as we plan. You might not get that beach body you always dreamed of or meet the man of your dreams—you might not even leave your house. The purpose of a school break is to relax and enjoy yourself. If you are happy, then nothing else matters.

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