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Shopping For Someone Special? Give An Experience Gift!

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that don’t come in boxes. Have a boyfriend who loves sports? Buy him tickets to a sporting event. Have a friend who loves to dance? Buy her dance lessons. Not sure what to get your mom who already has everything? Purchase a cooking class for her!

Experience gifts create memories, not stuff. As a conscious consumer, I tend to appreciate gifts that I can use and experience, versus an item that will sit in my apartment and collect dust. Experience gifts create lasting memories and the best part is that you can easily purchase most of them online. Say goodbye to hectic malls!


For the Entertainment Lover

Purchase tickets to a sporting event, the theatre (who doesn’t love a good musical?), or even a comedy show. This gift is extra fun because you can buy yourself a ticket and tag along too.


For the Foodies in Your Life

You could buy him a gift card for a restaurant, or you could turn it up a notch and pay for a personal chef to cook in his home! I think option two wins. But if a personal chef isn’t in the cards, you can give the gift of a cooking class, or send the person out on a wine tour.


For the Active and Adventurous

Buy him a round of golf, pay for a yoga class package, rock climbing or even dance lessons (you can participate in this one too – bonus!). If you’re trying to spend a little less this holiday season, you can even plan an outdoor adventure that won’t cost you much, like planning a hike or an afternoon walk through your favourite trail.


Pamper the One’s You Love

The classic spa experience is always a great gift. Send your bestie to get a facial, a massage or a manicure. Make it extra personal by requesting that the spa plays her favourite music or serves her favourite tea.


Do It Yourself

Have someone special in your life that you want to create a really memorable gift for? Plan a day that is all about them! Take him to his favourite brunch place, plan a picnic at the park complete with all of his favourite snacks, and then have a movie marathon night with his all time favourite movies. This type of gift is inexpensive, yet very thoughtful.


If you’ve added any of these experience gift ideas to your holiday gift list, the good news is that they are super easy to purchase. You can call local spas, yoga studios or theatres to see what’s available in your area. Or you can check out one of these websites which make experience gift giving simple and easy.

  • Samba Days. They’ve done the work of finding the venues/locations for you. All you have to do is pick the experience. (Psst… Samba Day gift cards are sold at Shoppers Drug Mart too.)
  • Life Experiences. Browse their online catalogue to see what experience gifts are available in your area.
  • Truly Experiences. Check out their “Once in a Lifetime” gifts to view experience gifts that are out of this world (literally).




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