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Fall Fashion Shoot: After School Special

Earn top marks by getting involved in your favourite extracurricular activities. We’ve rounded up the best denim pieces to suit any club you choose to join.

Photography by DAVID HOU
Hair and Makeup by NATALIA ZURAWKA of Judy Inc.

I’m In The Band

Channel your inner Rock Star with a pair of skinny or straight leg jeans. Pair with a high flat boot or an eighties-inspired ankle boot…

After School Special - Fall Fashion

Julia is wearing: Top, $30, Urban Behavior. Scarf, $8, denim overalls, $70, H&M. [if using Option #1 (suede boots with side twist)] Boots, $50, Old Navy. [if using Option #2 (Rust-coloured pointed ankle boots, leather look)] boots, $70, Winners.
Brodie is wearing: top, $25,Old Navy. Belt, $9, Urban Behavior. Jeans, $245,
Chip and Pepper. Boots, $50,Winners.

After School Special - Fall Fashion

Training Day

Sweat it out on the track in popsicle hues and retro high-top sneakers. Keep warm by layering a fitted demin jacket when you’re done the circuit…

After School Special - Fall Fashion

Jacket, $50, Old Navy.
Sweatshirt, $80, Nike.
Shorts, $40, Gap.
Socks, three for $9.
Sneakers, $65, Converse.

Beauty note:Go for a little impact with a lipgloss packed with colour like this tangerine shade. “Remember, makeup should enhance your look, never take over,” says makeup artist Natalia Zurawska. She suggests playing up one feature like your eyes or lips but not both at the same time.

After School Special - Fall Fashion


Part Parisian chich, part art enthusiast; work this look while capturing your school’s events for the yearbook committee. If heels aren’t your thing, try pairing a cropped jean with a rounded-toe flat……

After School Special - Fall Fashion

Coat, $128, Gap. Jeans, $170,
Fidelity ‘Plumeria’. Beret, $8,
H&M. Pumps, $90, Winners.
Belt, $6, Jacket, $50, Old Navy.

Beauty note:Try a lipgloss in a lilac hue. “It’s a universal colour that compliments every skin tone,” says Toronto makeup artist Natalia Zurawska. If you have a dark skin tone, look for a lilac with warm undertones, and if you have fair skin, opt for one in a cooler shade.

After School Special - Fall Fashion

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