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Family-friendly Attractions In Williamsburg, Virginia That Are Great For Learning

For the people who love to learn as they visit a new place, they will certainly love Williamsburg, VA, a town that has a lot of great history for kids, and the whole family. There are many exciting Virginia-based stories of the founders and history of the nascent American nation that one can discover here. There are many routes, by car, train or air to get you to Williamsburg wherever you coming from in the United States, or Canada.

One of the best ways to discover the right places to visit in this town in Virginia obviously is by searching online. You can also find where to learn fun things to do in Williamsburg, VA by Busy Tourist, a new travel guide blog Рone of many websites offering info about touring Williamsburg, VA, and other great places in the United States.

To get you started, here are five family-friendly attractions in Williamsburg, VA that are great places for a little learning, and a lot of fun while on vacation:

#1 Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg

This is a private Foundation and a history museum that will take you and your kids to the 18th century because of the authentic buildings, the architecture, and tons of activities for kids and yourself. There are a lot of things that a family can learn here. There are tours and experiences that a whole family will love and learn the history of this place.

#2 Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens

This is a theme park that is European themed and has good roller coasters, classic amusement, and virtual reality as well as other world-class shows that are good for the whole family. You will also love the delicious cuisine that is available throughout the week. For those traveling with smaller children, they are also assured of activities suitable for such youngsters.

#3 Water Country USA

Water Country USA

This is yet another family-friendly attraction good for the whole family. If you are visiting Williamsburg during the summer months, you will value a trip to the Water Country USA as a family because there is too much fun here. Located near Busch Gardens, this water park offers activities such as water slides, live entertainment, a huge wave pool, and tasty cuisine from the many restaurants. There are over 30 water slides that a whole family can enjoy and even learn from.

#4 Historic Jamestowne

Historic Jamestowne

This is a historic site that the family can visit and learn more about the first permanent English settlement. Here, you will learn a lot about how life was back in time. You can learn all this through conversations with archeologists and also through interactive exhibits available here. Coming with your kids along is a great move since they will have a hands-on learning activity such as examining artifacts, digging for these artifacts, and so on.

#5 American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

This is another place that the whole family can visit and get to learn many things about the history of Williamsburg, and indeed the history of the whole country. Here, you will learn a lot about the earliest settlers to the United States and the Revolutionary era.  There are kid-friendly areas of the museum that have outside and inside galleries as well as exhibits that all can browse and learn from.

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