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Fans And Content Creators Are Divided: Should Halo Infinite Have A Battle Royale Mode?

It has come to light that Halo Infinite won’t actually have any kind of battle royale mode when it launches. That being said, this isn’t going to stop loyal fans from making their own with the Forge tool. This gives people the chance to devise their own plans and it also helps them to create the playing experience that they want.

Ever since Halo Infinite was publicized and after the announcement that it is going to be free-to-play, fans have been wondering if there’s going to be a battle royale mode. After all, Halo is known for having full-blown vehicle combat and this would make it seem like a great fit if you want to have some vehicular mayhem. Even though all of this makes sense on paper, it would seem that the developer has shot down a lot of rumours regarding the famous battle royale mode that fans have been requesting. Even though this news may well be disappointing if you are a fan, it isn’t the end of the world. There are clearly going to be some fan-made modes that will fill in the gaps that the developers have overlooked.

The Rise of Online Games

Online games have been around for quite some time. When you look at some of the first games to launch, you will see that this includes online poker. Sites such as GGPoker Canada have helped to make poker everything that it is today and it is surprising to see how far things have come since. Poker is one of the most popular of online casino games. Now games such as Halo have the ability to incorporate huge game modes and thousands of players across the world can all compete for the winning position. It’s just unfortunate that the gaming developers are not listening to what people have to say and that they are not going ahead with the battle royale mode. Halo fans have been reeling and really want to find a way to bring the idea into the game.

Making a Battle Royale Mode

Grifball, Infection and even SWAT are all very iconic game modes for Halo but that being said, they did not exist as an official game type and they have not been supported by 343 or even Bungie. They actually started out as being custom-made games by players. They then grew in popularity until they actually became supported in the later Halo games. If this game gives the players enough freedom, then it may end up being the ideal toolkit so that the Halo Infinite battle can continue. The only thing that would be needed for the game mode to continue would be a larger map. They would also need to have a higher play count and some form of randomness in regards to the vehicle spawns and weapon spawns.

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Forge is going to be making a comeback. The capabilities are unknown about this though. The forge creators have always been able to tweak the respawn rates and they have also been able to fix things such as the spawns too. Fans have dreamt of players being able to drop into the map from orbit and on top of this, they have also been wanting something a little ODST-style. This is going to be a bit too elaborate for the game Forge but at the end of the day, if something like this can be created then it would bolster the game and it would also make it much more possible to really bring everything together in a positive way. Who knows what the future holds, but right now for Halo, it’s looking bright.

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