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7 Fashion Must-Haves For Men According To Women

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There’s always something so magnetic about men that put in an effort to make themselves presentable. Whether that’s wearing nice cologne or knowing when to wear socks with loafers, women admire men who have fashion sense.

Men who don’t think they have what it takes don’t need to fret. It’s not too late to learn a thing or two about fashion. This article won’t make experts out of them, but this will help them avoid a fashion faux pas and win women’s approval in no time.

A Well-Tailored Suit

Even if they don’t wear suits regularly, having one well-fitting suit in their closet is necessary for every man. They’ll never know when they’re going to be invited to a wedding or have a business meeting with an important client.

But to catch a woman’s attention, the suit should fit them to a T. Otherwise, it will only make them look awkward and out of place.

Although an excellent investment, this doesn’t mean they should always buy bespoke suits with hefty price tags. They can buy suits off the peg, but the key is to mind the fit across the shoulders. If it fits well, they can easily have the chest or waistline altered.

Suits are perfect to wear for a big job interview. But aside from donning a sharp attire, men can fast-track their employment process by getting their police record swiftly. Employers often ask for criminal records from applicants, so it’s best for them to prepare ahead. This helps them land that dream job faster—no need to wait in line for days! 

Slim Fitting Jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans in their wardrobe. For men, it’s a go-to piece of clothing they can wear to many occasions—from a night out with friends to brunch with family to the daily office grind.

But to look more put-together, men need to wear jeans until they can say it’s truly theirs. What this means is it must fit right to look right.

The most fail-safe cut is “slim-tapered,” which is wider in the thigh and narrower in the legs. This gives slim-tapered jeans a versatile look, making them perfect to wear with sneakers or smart shoes, whatever the situation calls for.

A Good-Looking Sports Jacket

Men fashion Sport Jacket

Men should be able to mix and match their existing outfits. And the best combo to a pair of jeans is a classic sports coat. Having one ready will instantly enhance any outfit without being too overwhelming.  

Whether it’s going on a date in the park or a drink with friends, a sports jacket can fit many occasions with ease.

There are many different types of jackets out there, including denim, leather, or corduroy. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little adventurous. But it’s essential to choose ones they’ll be able to wear for a long time.

A Pop of Color

For women, the LBD or the “little black dress” is a wardrobe essential for a reason. They can easily dress up or dress down this piece with its classic color. Men think this also works for them, so they tend to stick to dark or neutral hues, like navy or gray.

But there’s no harm in adding a little bit of color to their everyday outfits. They can ditch the plain shirts and shop for new versatile yet sophisticated pieces for their wardrobe. Men can sport bright colors, like mustard, greens, and pinks. Doing so will uplift their entire outfit and make them more approachable.

We all know the effects of color on one’s mood and behavior. Men can use color psychology to get their message across to the women in their lives.

Matching Belt and Shoe Color

Women can easily spot someone that has keen attention to detail if their belt matches with their shoes. This is almost an unspoken rule in the world of men’s fashion.

Matching their shoes to their belt makes any outfit look sophisticated and top-notch. This applies to both formal and casual outfits. For those wearing a formal suit with black shoes, consider matching it with a black belt. Brown shoes and brown belt combo also put the suave to any casual attire.

The Right Kind of Shoes

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Having durable, stylish ones in their rotation is an excellent investment, but take care to prevent them from looking worn out. They’ll be able to wear it for years while looking suave all along.

Choosing a pair of shoes is like selecting clothes. Men need to consider timelessness when picking the right design. The problem with splurging on trendy pieces is that they can outgrow the fad sooner or later.

The most common classic shoe styles are loafers, brogues, and black Oxfords or Derbys. A pair of minimalist sneakers like the Chuck Taylors never go out of style for casual ‘fits.

A Classic Watch

oris watch Swiss watches

For men, accessorizing is just as important as dressing itself. And what’s a better accessory for men than a classy watch? While most men’s watches sport the functional, sporty look, watches should reflect their personal style. But of course, they also need to be practical.

Men who want a watch that can withstand everyday wear can go for the rugged sports models compatible with any outfit. The suit-and-tie type can invest in aesthetic leather watches that can take them to business and formal occasions.

Dress to Impress

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One’s appearance can make or break people’s first impression of them. That is why men should know a thing or two about fashion in the first place. But while it’s meant for others to see and admire, it should also reflect one’s personality. After all, the greatest asset a man can flaunt is his confidence and authenticity. 

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