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Faze Fashion Shoot With Singer Elise Estrada

Canada’s own pop sensation, Elise Estrada,  is also “model” material!

Elise Estrada

Google these two words: Elise Estrada. Over a hundred images will pop up on your screen of this gorgeous girl with fierce eyes and a glowing smile. But behind that beautiful face, is a sweet, down-to-earth girl from Vancouver.

With hit singles like “Crash and Burn”, “Unlove You” and “Insatiable”, as well as her self-titled album, which hit stores in September, Elise Estrada is one Canadian powerhouse not likely to slip off the charts anytime soon. And it’s a good thing too, because, as Faze discovered, she has a lot more to give her fans than music.

Elise Estrada

“Try things that you normally wouldn’t wear, and it will all come together.” – Elise Estrada

“I’m far from perfect,” says Elise, “but I do try to be the best role model that I can be because I know that not only are young kids watching me, but I have a younger sister.” Putting aside all the super-stardom, Elise has to be conscious of her status as a role model to her “mini-me” sibling, since she knows her sister follows her every move. But she’s more than happy to do it—because, let’s face it, what’s more rewarding than having your hard work influence someone else for the better?

Elise Estrada

“Have fun with what you wear. Don’t be afraid to push it up a notch.” – Elise Estrada

Elise Estrada

And who is Elise’s all-time role model? “This is kinda cheesy—my mama! My mama is a mother of four children, and I’m one of them. She’s survived. She had cancer and she managed to win, battle through it…I’ve seen how strong she is…She moved here from the Philippines with nothing, and she managed to build a life, a great life for her children.” As Elise can fully attest to, no matter your walk in life, you can be a role model to someone around you: your strength can be their strength; your success can be their success; your life lessons can be their good advice. In the words of Elise, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself, be a positive person and dream big.”

Elise Estrada

“You should feel confident. You should be able to walk down the street , and say ‘Hey, you what what, I feel good!’ And comfortable too!” – Elise Estrada

More Elise…

What is the new pink?
You know what, pink is the new pink! I love pink! I have a pink laptop, a pink cell phone…

Secret dream?

I want to have a make-up line one day.

What’s your pleasure?

I’m a movie junkie. I love romantic comedies.

Mommy’s girl or Daddy’s girl?
Believe it or not, I’m both.

Junk or health food?
You know what, there’s a time and a place for everything. So, I eat both.

3 things always in your purse?
Cell phone, wallet and lip gloss

Biggest turnoff in a guy?
A guy that is not very thoughtful.

Elise Estrada, Dana Krook, Lorraine Zander
Elise with Faze writer Dana Krook and Faze Founder and Editor Lorraine Zander

Elise Estrada and the Faze Team
Elise and the entire Faze crew (minus the talented David Hou who is behind the camera)

Photography by David Hou
Styling by Carolee Custus
Hair by Patty for Exit Hair Salon
Makeup for Shannon Ahola for Smashbox

With Sony Vaio laptop: Lady Dutch knit dress, $78. Guess striped hoodie, $84. Betsey Johnson striped socks, $40. Lucky Brand necklace, $40. B2 suede boots, $178. (All apparel from HBC, shoes from B2)
Reading Faze Magazine: Guess dress, $108. Silks tights, $14. Cougarsports boots, $75. Bianca Nygard necklace, $45. (Complete outfit from HBC)
Standing at table: Kenzie jacket, $128. Steve Madden belt, $45. Bleuforet striped tights, $36. Lucky necklace, $84. (Complete outfit from HBC)
Sitting at table: Lady Dutch top, $45. Lady Dutch vest, $58. Buffalo jeans, $88. Expression knit beret, $25. Paula Baker necklace, $150. Erica Lyons necklace (used as belt), $35. Chinese Laundry clutch, $40. B2 shoes, $168. (All apparel from HBC, shoes & clutch from B2)

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