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Whaddya Think: Fashion Trends That Should NEVER Come Back

Everyone has committed some sort of fashion crime. We’ve all been through that awkward middle school or high school phase where we thought it would be a good idea to follow a then-current fashion trend and throw on blue and pink eye shadow. Luckily, fashion trends come and go; however, a few trends have been resurrected from the past lately, and some even seem to be working out well, such as high-waisted jeans and crop tops. But there are also unfortunate fashion trends that we can’t help but laugh at and pray that they remain dead. Faze took the streets to find out what fashion trends should NEVER come back.

Bell Bottoms

bellbottoms, jeans, fashion, trend, worsttrends, 90s “We’ve all owned a pair and the more they flared the better they were. Now looking back at these jeans, it really only seems acceptable to wear them if you’re auditioning for John Travolta’s role in Saturday Night Fever Broadway. Let’s hope these guys have worn out their life span.” — Romina Saravi, 18


crocs, shoes, worsttrends, fashion, ugly“I’m not quite sure whether Crocs should be classified as shoes or just miscellaneous objects randomly worn on feet. They were originally made to function as spa shoes and should’ve remained that way. Time Magazine listed Crocs as one of the world’s 50 worst inventions and I totally agree!” — Tara Valizadeh, 18

Super Low-Rise Jeans 

parishilton, jeans, fashion, worsttrends “Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and all our other fave early 2000s stars created this unfortunate trend of super low-rise jeans. Not only are super low-rise jeans super uncomfortable, they’re also super prone to wardrobe malfunctions. Let’s just hope no one went commando while wearing these… if you know what I mean.” — Sarina Saravi, 18

Neon Velour Suits

velour, fashion, trend, worsttrends, velour, tracksuits“Unless your intention is to look like a walking skittle, let’s not bring this trend back again for obvious visual reasons. It should be illegal to wear so much neon at once.” — Kelly Zhang, 18

Furry Boots

furryboots, boots, fur, trend, fashion, worsttrends“It pretty much looks like a poor innocent animal is strapped to your feet. Furry boots are one of those rare fashion trends that absolutely cannot match any outfit, under any circumstance. And it draws way too much attention to the feet area in my opinion.” — Emily Cheng, 19


necklace, choker, fashion, trends, vintage“Chokers are back and gaining popularity among teens. Chokers epitomize the Backstreet Boys, and the pre-Britney-meltdown era but it’s 2015 now! It’s time for us to come up with our own trends so that we can look back in 2020 and have a good laugh.” — Carmen Graciela, 19


hairstyle, men, manbun, fashion, trend, worsttrends“One of the most unfortunate male trends is extremely prominent nowadays. Man-buns need to die out ASAP. Buns should just be left for women just like bow ties should be left for men. Man-buns just seem to have a sort of feminine effect on men.” — Mehak Mathur, 22

Raccoon-Eyes Makeup

taylormomsen, makeup, celebrity, racooneyes, fashion, trends“Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen pretty much gave birth to this trend and now people everywhere are attempting to pull off this look as well. Ladies, let’s face it—this makeup trend literally makes a girl look like a bruised raccoon. It does absolutely nothing to emphasize your beautiful eyes but rather drowns them out in black. Remember, eyes are one of the best features that everyone possesses so let’s pay them some respect.” — Sarah Sebastian, 17

The Mullet

mullet, hairstyle, men, fashion, trend, worsttrends“The mullet is one of the worst ways to demonstrate ‘business in the front and party in the back.’ Let’s leave this look for the 1980s ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ singer Billy Ray Cyrus.” — Tina Saravi, 18

Did we hit your fashion faux pas? If not, let us know whaddya think @fazemagazine.

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One thought on “Whaddya Think: Fashion Trends That Should NEVER Come Back

  1. BarleySinger

    * Raccoon-Eyes Makeup – see also, the Palmer Girls videos “Simply Irrestable” – the style predated your ideas (look back at early punk)

    * Chokers These have been in and out of fashion for centuries. Stop having such a short time span to your understanding of fashion

    * Man Bun – In ages past they were common in parts of Southeast Asia for ages, but no…do it wrong and you start losing hair (see also cornrows & French Braids)

    * Bell Bottoms – holy hell no – keep them dead. I remember 1979 when “Hash Jeans” decorated stiched bell bottoms sold for $120 a pair. (that was 70s cash – you could buy an old car for that)