Faux Eyelash Types and Tips for Beginners

Faux Eyelashes, Fake Eyelashes

Have you tried to apply eyelash extensions and had no luck at it? You are not the only one because there are other women who would love to wear them, but find it hard to get through the application process without having to discard the lashes because of their lack of success. There are different types of faux eyelashes available on the market and you might not even know which ones to look for. In fact, you might not even know the best eyelash extension glue to use. First, you need to know which lash is best for you.

Individual Lashes

First, there are individual eyelashes that require a careful application. These are small strands of lashes that have to be applied one by one. Women apply these to give their natural lashes more volume and a natural look. You have to dip the end of each lash into adhesive or eyelash extension glue and then wait about 30 seconds before placing the end of it on the base of your own eyelashes. Then, you have to give it a few more seconds to dry. Make sure it is placed on the outer line of your own lashes. After applying lashes, use one coat of mascara to let it blend into your own lashes.

End Lashes

End Lashes are not as time-consuming as individual lashes. These kinds of lashes are applied to the outer corners of the eye and they give you the same result as individuals lashes do. These are a little shorter in comparison to the full band lashes. To blend them into your own lashes, curve them gently so that they are positioned on the eyelid to look real.

Full Lashes

The full lashes or full band is the most popular for many women. It comes in various lengths and textures. Prior to placing full lashes on your eyelids, you should ensure that they fit the shape of your eyes. If you find the length of the strip is too much, then all you have to do is to trim it down using a pair of scissors. Apply lash glue to the bank and center it on top of your lashes while pressing down gently for it to hold.

Faux Eyelashes, Fake Eyelashes


You can also use the method of laying the lashes so that they have a dramatic effect. To do so, you have to use more than one pair of lashes to stack up on the other. This method is for women who feel comfortable with thick lashes. Your best bet when using false eyelashes is to select the type of lashes that will produce the result you’re after, whether more natural or more dramatic and┬ámake sure you’re using high-quality lashes and glue.

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