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Three Days, Three Interns: Faze At The Official Twilight Convention

In the world of Twilight fandom, the Faze interns that asked to cover the official Twilight Convention are split into two separate, yet equally important groups: the Edward fans that have a soft spot for vampires, and the Jacob, werewolf-loving fans who oppose them: These are their stories. (dun dun)

We had lots of ladies on our team asking to cover the Twilight Convention that was rolling into Toronto. We split the coveted task between a few of them, a day at a time.

DAY 1:


Team Edward or Team Jacob? This was just one of the questions among the many young and eager fans at the Official Twilight Convention which took place at the Westin Harbour Castle from July 30th to August 1st 2010.

Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart (who play Leah and Seth Clearwater), and other fans gathered together at this event. The first day consisted of many games and activities for the fans to win prizes. Also, a question and answer period took place so that the fans would be able to ask them about their future roles and their experience of being on the set of Twilight. The actors were also available for autographs and a photo opportunity.

Pick a side! Team Edward or Team Jacob. Melissa Doyle

During the day, I talked to two of the biggest fans at the event, Katherine Levesque and Caroline Bedard from Ottawa, Ontario. They said that Breaking Dawn is what drove them to come out . “For the experience of the event, meeting the actors , getting things signed, just living in the moment and celebrate.”

Hosting the event, was The Hillywood Show. This is a group of people who put together parody’s of different films, namely Twilight. When I asked The Hillywood Show what they thought of the fans, they said, “Every country has their own behaviour about themselves and Ontario is [full of] really shy and giggly people, but I am feeling like they are really excited.”

Twilight Convention: Stars of THE HILLYWOOD SHOW with Faze intern Melissa Doyle

DAY 2:


Travelling from Europe to North America promoting the Twilight movies, The Official Twilight Convention has been very successful.

Well known cast of The Hillywood Show and several members of the Twilight cast made appearances on the stage of the beautifully decorated auditorium and the crowd went wild.

The Official Twilight Convention Lauren Song

Each attending Twilight cast member was brought up for a Q&A session (including wolfpack member Bronson Pelletier, below), which had to be the highlight of the very eventful day. The fans were thrilled to have them there and showed their enthusiasm in cheers and big smiles.

This convention not only provided an amazing opportunity for fans to see the stars, but also created an intimate feeling of connection when the fans and the stars interacted. Twilight fans who live in the fantasy world created by Stephenie Meyer were given a chance to have the closest, most real and cherished Twilight memory. All the fans left the convention that day holding life size posters, dolls, t-shirts and more to keep a reminder of their amazing Twilight experience.

twilight_convention Lauren Song

DAY 3:


The highlights of the event were certainly the guests Alex Mraz, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier and BooBoo Stewart. The devoted fans were all gathered to ask questions and also purchase merchandise–some with prize tags up to $600!

The interesting things to note were definitely the fact that many fans actually dressed up as certain characters. The second and third place winners got rewarded with a prize, but the winner got rewarded with an award for best costume of the event.

Enthusiastic fans go all out with dressing up jennifer joseph

I believe what makes people participate at this convention is the fact they get to meet other people that share the same interests, in a safe environment, where they can all bond on one subject. They all love Twilight and they are all devoted fans who love the romantic and dramatic films.

Look-a-likes for Rosalie and Alice! jennifer joseph

twilight_convention jennifer joseph Twilight cast members Alex Meraz and Chaske Spencer wow the fans

Check out The Official Twilight Convention site for all the details. Catch it on its next stop!

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