OutKast’s Andre 3000 And The Time He Almost Quit Music

Faze caught up with Andre 3000, one half of the Grammy Award winning hip hop duo OutKast, and he had lots to say. Talking about love, life, hip-hop and God, he says a lot of things happen that are out of his hands, but he knows success comes from “keeping it going, even if you’re scared to do it.”

andre-3000-outkastAfter auditioning for La Face Records early in their career, Andre says he was ready to forget about music and move on. “When we first started we did three showcases for [La Face] and they turned us down the first two times,” he says. “After the first showcase I was all upset because I was like, ‘We just rocked that and they don’t even like us.’ I was like, ‘Man, I’m not rappin’ anymore. I’m going back to school,’” he says.

But it was Big Boi, the other half of the duo, who wouldn’t let go. “He was like, ‘No man. We’ve come this far. We’ve got to keep going,’” he says. Andre admits that if he had given in to his frustrations that day at La Face, “There would be no OutKast.”“I just feel blessed that I’m able to influence people because it was never planned.”

Some Andre 3000 soundbites from the Faze interview…

“The most negative thing that I’ve heard about my music is that it’s not hip hop.”

“I worry all the time about putting out something that might eliminate my group.”

“There is no competition between me and Big Boi, because we’re not trying to get into the same door.”

“The more shows I do, the less I wanna be on stage. I want to do other things like produce.”

“If you have a gift, or even if you don’t, you have to stay around people who motivate you.”

“I don’t even consider myself an entertainer.”

“’Keeping it real’ killed hip hop, because a lot of people stopped keeping it real.”

“I never even knew I was going to be in music. I thought I was going to be an artist.”

“George Clinton [one of the most influential figures in Funk] is the freakiest person I’ve ever met.”

“I am not ready for a relationship”

Mrs.Jackson will always have a special place in my heart”

“I think people take God too seriously.God has a sense of humour, he plays with me all the time”


Photo courtesy of BMG Music Canada.

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