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Fefe Dobson Sparkles On The Small Screen On CTV’s “The Listener”

Fefe Dobson CTV's The Listener

She’s used to having her music featured on popular TV shows and movies, but Fefe Dobson’s entering a whole new realm of entertainment with her first major guest-starring role on CTV’s The Listener—a science-fiction drama about a psychic paramedic, now in its third season.

This Canadian singer-songwriter has been making her country proud ever since her self-titled debut album was released in 2003. Her catchy songs like “Take Me Away” and “Everything” blasted everywhere from radio stations to shopping malls to sleepover parties. And her recent success with her latest album, Joy, brought attention back to the star with smash songs like “Stuttering” and “Ghost.”

Nearly a decade later after first launching her music career—and after auditioning for the part just like any other actor would—Fefe had the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone, taking on the character of troubled pop-star Jade for the hit Canadian show, in a recent episode called “Curtain Call.”

A lot of pop-stars, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, have tried
the move from music to films/tv in order to increase their fame and spread their empire, but Fefe’s in it for the invaluable experience.

Faze had the opportunity to chat with this award-winning star on her first major acting gig and what fans can look forward to in the future.

Wesley Williams, Fefe Dobson, Craig Olejnik, far right,, Jung Yul Kim, centre the listener

Were you a fan of The Listener before auditioning for the role?

FD: I [watched] some episodes before getting involved to make sure it was something that would work, and I dug it for sure! I’m really into that whole concept of someone being telepathic and I think it’s really interesting.

You’ve been on other shows before, like Hellcats, but did you feel a lot of pressure knowing this was your biggest acting role to date?
FD: Yeah for sure. Hellcats was just a walk on role where I was performing as myself really. For [The Listener] I had to audition and learn a whole script. So it was definitely something I was more involved in, compared to other roles. I had to carry that weight knowing that it wasn’t just me being me; it was me being Jade.

What was the best part about being on set?
FD: The best part for me was getting to know good people and learning things about myself that I never knew I could do. When you’re singing, it’s completely different [from acting].  When I perform on stage, I let loose and I’m just telling a story of what I’ve been through in my life—I’m really just being me. I’m not really known as an actor, so I felt some pressure around the actors [in the beginning], but they were very cool and helpful.

Pop-singer Jade (guest star Fefe Dobson). the listener

What would be your dream role?
FD: I would love to do a horror film or be in a Tim Burton film! I love anything that’s twisted or weird, where I can be a completely different person.

Is this just the beginning of more acting roles to come?

FD: Yes, but music is my world; it’s not even compared to acting. Music is my number one, while acting is just for fun and I see it as my hobby. When I was a kid, I used to act along to all of the movies I watched and it was a natural, fun thing I liked to do. When I go to auditions, I’m not like, “I got to get this!” I go for fun and say, “I’ll try and see what happens.” I think acting is something that will happen naturally, if films come up.

From what we’ve seen on The Listener, there’s no denying that Fefe is talented when it comes to being on the screen. She’s definitely a triple threat who’s got it all—singing, dancing and acting. While acting may be simply a fun hobby for Fefe now, who knows what the future holds for this star. And she’s got plenty of music for fans to look forward to, as she is now working on her next album with hopes of releasing a single very soon.

The episode “Curtain Call”—featuring Fefe Dobson—will be re-airing on Friday, June 15 at 9pm EST on Bravo and Sunday, June 17 at 7pm EST on CTV.

Check out some behind the scenes footage of Fefe on set of The Listener.

Photos by Steve Wilkie and Stephen Scott.

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  1. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the rppear Drake? My friend is actually half-Filipino and African American and she used to feel that she couldn’t fit into either categories. It’s great to see that people can step out and be proud of both their heritage,