Female Esports Players, We Salute You

women in esports

Alongside watching movies and television shows, people adore gaming. A viable entertainment option in the modern world, given the array of devices we can game on, there are even professional players thanks to the birth of the competitive esports gaming scene. While it has been dominated by male gamers on the whole, there are some female professionals that are bucking the trend and making a name for themselves in the industry.

Despite some impressive female performers rising to prominence, only 5 percent of esports players worldwide are actually female. Why this is the case is up for debate, but becoming a professional esports player certainly isn’t easy, especially if you’re a casual gamer accessing popular titles like Candy Crush Saga or making use of the best casino bonuses Canada has to offer before diving into a casino gaming session. In fact, most aspiring female professionals wouldn’t access those types of games, instead opting for more competitive releases that fit into a competitive gaming environment, such as Dota 2 or Rocket League. These types of games are now being aired live on popular streaming services like Twitch as more and more aspiring female esports players aim to make it as a professional gamer.

Thankfully, despite it being a male-dominated scene, on the whole, there are a number of female players that are active in the esports arena who are carving out successful careers for themselves. These professionals certainly deserve more attention, though. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of esports’ most famous female stars. We salute you!

Katherine Gunn (Mystik)

female gamer Katherine Gunn Mystik

Katherine Gunn, also known as Mystik, is a major player in the esports gaming world. Rising to fame after putting on a show at the WCG Ultimate Gamer tournament back in 2010, Gunn has also enjoyed notable wins in Call of Duty. At the time of writing, her earnings are around $120,000, with Halo: Reach now being her go-to title if she wants to see off her rival competitors. Katherine Gunn hasn’t won a competition yet but she has come mightily close. In the future, her first win will surely come.

Rumay Wang (Hafu)

Also known as Hafu, American player Rumay Wang is a rising star in the competitive esports gaming scene. Well known for her stomping victories in Teamfight Tactics, she currently ranks among some of the best female players around after earning a large sum of money playing the game she loves professionally. While most male players have recorded more success than Hafu, she is expected to kick further on in the coming years.

Ricki Ortiz (HelloKittyRicki)

One of the standout performers in the beat ‘em up category of gaming, Ricki Ortiz has registered a great deal of success in a number of esports competitions. Also known as HelloKittyRicki, she is a formidable Street Fighter player and is a long-standing member of a successful team called Evil Geniuses. Her most notable success story to date came in 2016 at the Capcom Pro Tour Circuit when she finished in second place, although she is expected to secure a deserved top spot in the near future.

Ricki Ortiz HelloKittyRicki

Nina Qual (puCK)

Being a part of some of the biggest esports teams around, Nina Qual is a top-level esports player with bags of ability. Widely known as puCK among esports fans, she is a current member of Team eXoN and has earned just under $100,000 through various competitions at the time of writing. Also known for her vocal support of the LGBTQ community, Nina Qual is making waves in the sports scene.

Special mention must also go to Se-yeon Kim (Geguri), Sasha Hostyn (Scarlett), and Li Xiao Meng (Liooon).

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