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In Toronto, a huge number of people are faced with the breakdown of household appliances. A washing machine can leak, a refrigerator can stop freezing, a lot of other things can happen. Current appliance repair Toronto. A person begins to look for an option and is faced with hundreds of craftsmen and companies. Eyes run wide, choosing one option is an extremely difficult task. The best thing to do in such a situation is to use reviews on forums and social networks.

Internet review statistics

Invespcro recently conducted a study. More than 80% of people, before contacting a company for repairing household appliances, first read reviews on the Internet. People’s opinions help to choose the best option, reduce panic about fraudulent activities. Most often, owners of faulty household appliances read reviews on specialized forums, less often they pay attention to comments under YouTube videos or opinions under posts in FaceBook.

What reviews should be analyzed

There are a lot of reviews about the repair of household appliances in Toronto. The answer to the question is relevant – which of the comments should be read to obtain reliable data? The following places for obtaining information about the services provided can be distinguished:

  • official websites of companies, each client who applied to the company can leave a comment regarding the Best Appliance Repair Toronto services provided, the information is subject to distortion due to the manipulation of the owner’s opinion
  • Google Business Review, comments before the publication procedure are carefully checked to exclude the manipulation of opinion, there is no reason not to trust such reviews
  • Homestars, there are not many reviews, but they are detailed and carefully checked before publication, they are the most relevant, up-to-date and honest
  • N49, real reviews are mixed with pronounced advertising comments, should not be trusted, can only be used to collect data about companies
  • Yelp, reviews according to the company’s statements are carefully checked before publication, there is no reason not to believe in this judgment, a small number of reviews should be attributed to the shortcomings
  • Facebook, under the social network posts the most reviews, most of which are written by real people, a great way to highlight the most up-to-date information about the company and its small appliance repair services in Toronto
  • reviews from bloggers, not the best way to get information, you get the opinion of an interested person, the company most likely gave the person money to show it from the most beneficial side.

The classic algorithm for analyzing customer reviews before making a decision

Before contacting a company for the repair of household appliances, the average person analyzes about 20 reviews on different sites. The time of work performance, the degree of fulfillment of the conditions indicated in the contract, the politeness and courtesy of employees in the process of applying for the provision of services and carrying out repair work are analyzed.

What points help to understand reviews about the company

Reviews about companies help determine the following key facts:
– the degree of competence of technical specialists (what kind of equipment is repaired, how much time is required for repairs, the degree of fulfillment of obligations);
– the fairness of the tariff plan (implies an assessment of punctuality on temporary issues, the quality of work).
Customer comments help to make a rating of companies, to choose the best one at a particular moment in time. If you do not want to fool your head, you can simply familiarize yourself with the ready-made ratings on various platforms. Try to give preference to companies that occupy high positions. In this case, you can be sure that the regulated work is being carried out.

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One of the best service centers

In almost all ratings, the Shymon appliance repair service occupies a high position. It has been operating in Toronto for a long time, the company employs highly qualified specialists, the most modern and productive equipment is used to diagnose and repair household appliances. There are a large number of positive customer reviews on specialized forums and social networks. This is not an unfounded assertion. Do a little research on your own.

What equipment is repaired in the service center

The service center repairs absolutely all small household appliances. Age, brand, manufacturer, availability of official documentation on the acquisition does not play a role. The most commonly treated people with the following breakdowns:

  • a decrease in the efficiency of the water heater, this is due to the accumulation on the surface of the heating element of a large amount of slag deposits in the form of calcium carbonate and sodium chlorine, as a result, the thermal conductivity drops significantly, the problem can only be solved by disassembling the water heater, cleaning the heating element from slag or its complete replacement
  • leakage of the washing machine, the problem may be caused by the lack of sealing of the drum and the door due to the rubber gasket cracked over time, it needs to be dismantled and replaced with a new one, the problem may be mechanical damage to the hose or pipeline, in which case it is necessary to replace the broken structural elements
  • the timer does not work for the toaster and the bread is excessively toasted or it has to be fried twice, the problem is due to a malfunction of the electronic board, it needs to be replaced, the procedure is quite simple, you need to open the case, disconnect the board from the plugs and insert a new one, it takes everything about everything 10 minutes
  • reduction or complete absence of cold generation at the refrigerator, problem with refrigerant leakage, the solution is to replenish the liquid by pouring through a special valve.

Types of breakdowns that masters face in a service center and ways to solve them

There are 3 main types of problems:

  • wear of the structural element, the technique can work, but its functionality is limited, the structural element can be modified and replaced accordingly, the second option is preferable
  • mechanical breakdowns occur due to the device falling onto a hard surface like a tile or improper operation, in most cases it is not possible to repair structural elements, it is necessary to remove the faulty one and install a new one
  • software errors, common causes include power surges in the supply line, you can fix the problem by restarting the system or downloading new drivers, such equipment breakdowns are fixed most quickly.


Standard algorithm for contacting a service center for repair

The process of repairing small household appliances can be expressed as the following steps:

  1. Submission of an application for the arrival of the master to the house or apartment, this can be done through the feedback form (indicate the name and surname, address of the property, convenient time for the master to visit, model and age of the faulty equipment, the fault is described) and a contact phone number (the manager independently write down the required data, the terms of cooperation will be thoroughly discussed)
  2. The arrival of the master at home or a private apartment, visual inspection and diagnostics of household appliances to accurately determine the cause of the malfunction
  3. Drawing up a contract for the provision of services, the document includes the term for the performance of work, a description of the work, cost, warranty period
  4. The worn structural part is removed, a new original element is ordered
  5. A new original element is inserted into household appliances
  6. The operability of household appliances is checked in the presence of the owner of the equipment, after confirming the full serviceable working condition, payment is made in cash or by electronic transfer.

Self-delivery of equipment to a service center for repair

If you have a car, then you can bring household appliances to the workshop at a convenient time for you. After the delivery of equipment, diagnostics will be carried out to determine the cause of the malfunction. The manager will offer to draw up a contract for the provision of repair services. At the end of the work, the manager will call the owner of the equipment and report on its full performance. Upon arrival, the owner can check the equipment. The advantages of the method include the lack of waiting for masters in an apartment or private house, the maximum speed of repair work, a lower price due to the absence of the need to move masters around the city. The disadvantages of this method include the need to waste physical effort and time. Self-delivery of equipment to a service center in Toronto is good only for small items. In the event of a breakdown of the washing machine or refrigerator, delivery will be difficult.

What to do if you are afraid to invite strangers to the house?

No wonder some people are afraid to invite strangers into their house or apartment. In the case of cooperation with the Shymon service center, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The company can transfer the name and surname of the masters to clarify the data and confirm their decency. If you have concerns even if you have confidential information about the masters, then invite a friend for psychological support in the process of diagnosing and repairing household appliances.

Is it possible to repair household appliances right on the day of the call?


Yes, it is quite possible. If you apply in the morning and designate a convenient time for the arrival of the master before 10 o’clock. A punctual master will diagnose, if the breakdown is easily solved, carry out repairs on the spot. In the event of a serious breakdown of household appliances, the master will be forced to go to the warehouse to find the right original part. This process takes no more than 2 hours. In total, it will take 5-6 hours from the moment of submitting an application to receiving household appliances in a fully operational condition. In difficult cases, it will not be possible to manage in a day. Some original structural elements have to be ordered directly from the supplier, delivery can take from 3 to 5 days. In any case, the wizard will warn you about this.

What is the education/training of the pros?

Each repair professional, before getting a job at a service center for the repair of small household appliances in Toronto, undergoes training. He gets acquainted with the structural elements of the most common household appliances, acquires knowledge about the features of certain brands and manufacturers. There is a study of the classic algorithm for diagnosing household appliances – visual inspection, disassembly of the working part or dashboard to find hidden defects. Learns to determine the names of models and modifications of structural elements for further ordering from a warehouse or an original spare parts store. Passes master classes on handling tools for diagnostics, quick assembly and disassembly of equipment. No one will let the master go on independent challenges without an internship with an experienced specialist. On the first field orders, a person gets acquainted with the rules of etiquette when communicating with a client, gains the first practical experience in handling the tool. Each person is tested for theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the repair of household appliances. The document on successful testing is called a license.

What is the warranty period for household appliances?

The standard warranty period is 90 days. It can be increased at the request of the owner of the equipment and a small surcharge to the final repair price. Does not depend on the brand and manufacturer, production time. The warranty implies free elimination of a breakdown, which is directly described in the service agreement. If any other structural element of the equipment breaks down, then the masters will take money for fixing the breakdown.

Advantages of circulation

Home appliance repair services such as Shymon have realized advantages:

  • the involvement of highly qualified craftsmen, the malfunction will definitely be found, the best repair plan will be developed
  • punctuality on temporary issues, the master will arrive exactly on time, no delays or postponements
  • replacement of structural elements of household appliances only with original components, any mechanical and software incompatibilities are excluded
  • low cost of repair work
  • courtesy and courtesy towards each of the clients, in other service centers the attitude is inert or dismissive, we do not allow this

Ways to communicate for repair advice

You can consult with a specialist on equipment repair or the procedure for ordering small appliance repair Toronto service using the feedback form (preferred option), contact phone number and e-mail. Work from 8 to 23.00 from Monday to Friday.

Recommendations regarding the repair of small household appliances

You can often meet such situations – when the split system is operating, the plug heats up very much and the polymer shell emits acrid smoke, the heater vibrates. With workable household appliances with obvious problems, it is better to call the master for repair, it will save you from a short circuit in the electrical system and a complete breakdown of the equipment. If you have absolutely no experience in repairing household appliances, then do not take on the repair of a washing machine or toaster. You with a high degree of probability, just spend a lot of time. There is a risk of breakage of adjacent structural parts and a significant increase in the cost of repairs. Rely on the professionals from best appliance repair Toronto. If you have applied for the arrival of the master to the house or apartment, always keep your phone with you, the master can call or write to the social network chat in case of any difficulties and delays.

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