Find The Cause When Your Shower Drain Smells Like Rotten Eggs

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If you have an bad odor coming from the drain in the shower, it’s a warning sign that there is a problem that you should look into right away. One of the primary reasons for a shower drain to produce a strange smell is from bacteria that feed on the variety of debris accumulating there that then emit foul gases along with their waste.

Bacteria are one of a few causes that could be responsible for the problem when your shower drain smells like rotten eggs or sewer gases. It’s due to rotting debris left there, or there are issues with the draining process itself, or it could be an overall plumbing problem. Often scents consistent with ‘rotten eggs’ relate to a dry P-trap or short vent pipes. In many of these situations, cleaning the system thoroughly with the addition of a strainer inside the drain to capture debris and possibly plumbing repair will eliminate the offense.

Causes Of Shower Drain Smells Bringing Offense To Your Household

Most homeowners feel their home is immaculate until they begin to experience an unusual and foul aroma drifting out of their bathroom that seems to be coming from the shower. In a majority of cases, this is due to the drain collecting debris over an extended period.

The debris over time serves as a food source for anaerobic bacteria that find the dirty water to be a delicacy. After the meal, these contaminants let go of a hydrogen sulfide gas in their waste, which produces the smells. Let’s investigate further causes for the issue.

  • The vent piping may be too short: A sewer scent can find a way out of the shower if the vent pipe is not long enough. The likelihood that the actual scent begins in another area of the home is great, but it emits from the shower. It’s essential to check any potential leaks as they happen throughout the house in an effort to rule those out.
  • Connections that are loose:  If the piping is not airtight in the system, sewer gases have the potential for leaking into the house from multiple different access points with the most common places to inspect being the P-trap nut, the toilet’s wax ring, the pop-up stop in the drain, shower’s valve, and the gooseneck.
  • Old Home commonalities: Common in older homes or houses that have been vacant for an extended period may have plumbing that is damaged in the way of cracks or rotting. If you take possession of a home of this sort, you will notice the potency of the smell. Generally, plumbing comprised of plastic is eaten by rodents, while metallics will rust, wear, and develop leaks. These ultimately result in sewer gases dumped into the shower. Regular upkeep and general maintenance assists in preventing these issues. Click to learn how to bring back a sweet scent to your household.

There is a multitude of causes that can bring this aroma flooding out of your bathroom space. The suggestion for homeowners is to always engage in proper servicing and upkeep of your plumbing system, which includes the use of a filtration or softener unit to prevent instances for contaminants or bacteria. Any time you take notice of a warning sign, including the scents, leaks, or a potential elevation in the monthly water bills, contact a plumber for an inspection of the pipes. Other than that, be sure always to keep the drains free and clear of debris with techniques like dousing the draining with boiling water each week.

The method notes to push the decaying substances out into the system where it can’t present a problem within the home. You may believe that your house is optimally clean, but getting all the gunk out of the drains is a critical aspect of home maintenance. One that many people neglect.

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